InductPro Offers Efficient Online Employee Induction Programs

InductPro, a leading provider of WHS compliance, risk, and governance services, offers online employee induction programs for businesses. The programs, run by qualified professionals, meet the individual needs of users with different learning levels.

[SOUTH BRISBANE, June 17, 2014] – InductPro, a leading online provider of WHS compliance, risk, and governance services in Australia, has created an employee induction system for small to medium sized enterprises, as well as corporate and non-profit organizations. Employees, contractors, and visitors, can now receive consistent and compliant induction programs designed for all learning levels, thanks to InductPro’s efficient online employee induction services.


Accessible for All Learning Levels


InductPro understands that it is important to make a good impression about their role, their co-workers, and the company during the early stages of employment. This drove the team to implement a learning management system as a solution for employers. The program helps businesses set a positive tone and impression for new employees. It also reduces the time needed for new employees to settle into a new role, as well as helps them adjust to the team and become a productive member of the company.


Through their self-managed learning services, InductPro has opened an opportunity for businesses to have their staff training and development needs centralised. They have specifically designed the online training to meet the individual needs and development of all kinds of users.


Run by a Qualified Technical Team


InductPro employs a qualified technical team to run the program. This team provides implementation support, training, and responsive technical support. As one of the frontrunners in online learning systems, the company’s team of professionals offers unique services. They provide clients with their own learning site. They also offer induction programs clients can buy and use for their business.


With solution that can be custom built for any business, InductPro aims to help clients achieve their business objectives. Through their employee induction program run by a qualified technical team, InductPro assists employers with their formal duty to provide training and relevant information to new employees.


About InductPro


InductPro, one of the frontrunners of online learning services, is an initiative of Safety Concepts Pty Ltd. They specialize in providing WHS compliance, as well as risk and governance services. The company, established by Wayne Patterson, aims to offer solutions to the inadequate staff induction processes, paving the way for their online induction services.


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