eChurchGiving Solves Decline in Giving in U.S. Churches


                                   Company Helps Churches Solve Decline in Giving Using Mobile Giving Platform Pushpay®

REDMOND, Wash., Oct. 6, 2014 – eChurchGiving is now bringing 10-second digital giving platform Pushpay to churches to help solve the complexities and needs that modern-day churches face. While overall rates of giving continue to decline, Pushpay’s mobile platform empowers congregations to securely give in less than 10 seconds, a critical cut-off point for most givers.

“Pushpay is a digital giving solution that has been designed with the church in mind,” says Eliot Crowther, Founder and Director of Pushpay. “When we make giving simple and take away barriers to generosity, churches see a fantastic increase in their resources, which is why we exist,” he continued.

Even though tithing trends have dropped year-over-year, the cause for many is not lack of interest or desire to be generous. Simply, the available mediums to give do not meet needs of givers today. Studies show that 85 percent of users abandon mobile giving attempts if the transaction takes longer than 30 seconds. Average experiences for online giving can take up to three or more minutes.

Pushpay, the technology behind eChurchGiving, was built around simplicity to increase giving and empower modern church-goers that are familiar with mobile transactions. If a mobile donation can be made in 10 seconds, churches are able to capture spontaneous givers, many of which include millennials.

“It’s dramatically changed our church,” said Matthew Barnett, Pastor and Co-founder of The Dream Center in Los Angeles. “Our giving has gone up 10 to 15 percent every single week,” he continued.

Other churches partnering with eChurchGiving include Hillsong NYC, RealityLA, Harvest Church, Eastlake Church and others. In addition, Pushpay announced a strategic channel partnership with Renewed Vision this week, expanding Pushpay’s technology into Renewed Vision’s network of churches across the country. The platform offers web and kiosk sign up options, and integrates with existing databases like Church Community Builder, Fellowship One and Elvanto to make administration easy.

Churches can promote a custom URL or text engagement to their congregations to initiate online gifts and sign up. From there, the platform pushes users a link to download the app where future gifts can be made securely in less than 10 seconds. eChurchGiving’s tailored strategies for congregation engagement of the Pushpay platform helps increase adoption rates for givers, especially new givers. For more information, including case studies on existing church partners and pricing details, please visit