Rubber4Roofs presents Tutorial Videos of Roof Installation

Rubber4Roofs, a trusted roofing materials provider in the UK, reveals its series of online tutorial videos about roof installation. Customers will now have an easier time installing the company’s products with these helpful resources.

[COVENTRY, January 16, 2014] – Rubber4Roofs, a premier provider of quality roofing materials in the UK, takes another step forward to ensure customer satisfaction with their series of tutorial videos about the installation of their products. Clients who need to install one-piece, self-adhesive, and shed cover roofing solutions will now have an easier time fitting these quality products. Viewing the tutorials makes this possible.

Step-by-step learning

The series of videos features a wide range of installation necessities that comes with Rubber4Roofs’ products and services. The tutorials start from scratch, and provide a step-by-step approach to ensure the customers understand the process. The videos show the tools and equipment to guide clients in the proper way of fitting the roofing product. Clicking on a certain video directs the viewer to a page dedicated to that particular tutorial. The page will show the video clip and a step-by-step guide with text and pictures.

Multiple tutorials

Rubber4Roofs offers solutions to roofs of all surfaces, structures, and designs. The videos provide detailed guides on how to install their products in every possible roof type.The company’s website has detailed guides on how to install an EPDM pipe boot, how to join felt to a rubber roof termination bar, and a thorough discussion on the proper welding of EPDM onto the roof.

Beyond just videos

The company provides more than just tutorial videos to help clients use their products. The tutorial videos are in the Training Centre part of the company’s website. These video clips come with other literature such as installation manuals, product details, and material safety data. Customers may also contact the company for further enquiries about the products’ installation, company training courses, and support.

About Rubber4Roofs

Rubber4Roofs is a trusted provider of EPDM roofing solutions in the UK. They offer three main products: one-piece, self-adhesive, and shed cover EPDM roofs. The company sells different roofing kits, sealants, and adhesives. The different tools and accessories in the trade are also part of their roster of products. Rubber4Roofs provides quality products and professional customer service to ensure satisfaction.

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