Wholefoods Magazine’s Latest Issue Gives Insight into Sensitive Diets

United States, 16th April 2014 - WholeFoods Magazine, the well-known national trade magazine giving news and insight into natural products has included sensitive diets in their latest issue. This article included in the March copy reveals some startling facts regardinggluten free products and other items for people with different sensitivities. According to the magazine, 15 million or more Americans, including kids and adults today suffer from a wide variety of intolerances of one kind or other.

Dairy, peanut, and wheat allergies are the commonest ones among the populace increasing the demand forgluten free food list and options. Studies show that by 1997-2011, presence of allergies related to food among children increased to almost 50%. Dieticians and researchers are putting forward a variety of theories to explain this phenomenon but until now, something definite still eludes them completely.

WholeFoods Magazine has remained a front-runner in bringing up issues that catch the popular public imagination and their latest issue for the month of March is no different. Its article regarding sensitive diets, its effect on lives of people and this being a threat as a whole is highly relevant today where the number of such cases reported is on the rise. The industry related to natural products is trying to manufacture exclusive ranges that cater to such buyers to ensure that healthy, nutritious, and that specific food remains available.

Preparation of nutritious, delicious, and most importantly safe food has become quite a challenge these days with such requirements asgluten free diet plan. One cannot deny that options available to the buyers have also increased today, with the availability of sunflower butters, wheat-free bread, and dairy-free milk. Still much requires to be done yet and this is what the March issue of the magazine wants to focus on.

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