Further Development Assured as Fun Easy Learn Launched Learn Spanish 5,000 Phrases


USA - Learn Spanish 5,000 Phrases, an interactive language learning app from the Learn Spanish 6000 Words famed Fun Easy Learn, was recently launched. Fun Easy Learn developers announced that they will keep adding more language options and phrases to the app to make it one of the best language learning apps in the online marketplace.

“At present, we have this onus of responsibility to make this app even more useful for our dear users. At this moment, there are only 30 languages, but the count will soon reach 65. We can safely say that 35 more languages would be added in about a month”, said a project manager of the Learn Spanish 5,000 Phrases development team.

“Also, there are only 500 phrases now in the app, but we will keep adding thousand phrases every month and the app will soon become the most powerful learning tool for anybody who takes interest in Spanish language and its popular phrases. However, one needs to have a Smartphone to access the content of the app, which we think is a given”, added the manager.

Learn Spanish 5,000 Phrases provides five different learning components for each of the Spanish phrases in its database. Learners can see the font and spelling of the Spanish word, a correct translation in his or native language, phonetic transcription in native language, word pronunciation and an image that can aid learning to a great extent, the developers believe.

“We have designed the Learn Spanish 5,000 Phrases in a way so it becomes a powerful learning tool for anybody trying to learn Spanish fast. It is true that the language is not very easy to learn. However, there are many people who seek employment in Barcelona, Madrid and other Spanish cities. And then, there are others who need to learn Spanish in order to study their subjects of choice in the Spanish colleges and universities. Our app is specifically designed for the people who are having a hard time conversing with Spanish natives”, said the CEO of Fun Easy Learn during a press event.

About the Company

Learn Spanish 5,000 Phrases is a Spanish language learning app available on Google Play Store and Apple iTunes store.

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