Safe Chemical Peels from Booragoon Dental Clinic

Booragoon Dental Clinic ventures into nonsurgical skincare and now offers peel packages, among other dermatological solutions. The clinic uses products from Aspect Dr, a leading skincare brand in Australia.

[PERTH, WA, July 4, 2014]—Booragoon Dental Clinic, a trusted dental centre in Perth, is venturing into nonsurgical skincare, and starts off by offering chemical peel treatments. The clinic sources products used for these procedures from Aspect Dr, a leading skincare brand in Australia.

Peel Packages

Booragoon Dental Clinic offers three chemical peel packages: the Lactobotanical Peels package, the Salicylic Acid Peels package, and the RetinolBrulee Peels package.

The Aspects Lactobotanical Peels package uses products containing lactic acid and Canadian willowherb. The combination of the two ingredients allow for a minimal downtime peel, targets the epidermis, and breaks down the glue that holds skin cells together, which in turn, encourages faster cell turnover for a more youthful appearance. The peels are suitable for most skin types and can be used after a week of dermal fillers. The package is priced at $300.

Under the salicylic acid peel selection, Booragoon Dental Clinic offers the Timeless Acid Peels package, Aspects Pigment Punch Clarity Peel, and Aspects Cabernet au Chocolat. These salicylic acid peels combats signs of ageing by removing discoloured layers of skin cells. The Timeless Acid Peels package is priced at $360. The Aspects Pigment and the Aspects Cabernet au Chocolat package are bothavailable at $120 per treatment.

On the other hand, the Aspects Retinol Brulee Peel package focuses on treating fine lines, visible pores, and lacklustre skin texture. The entire package costs $450.

Other Related Products

Booragoon Dental Clinic also offers other nonsurgical skincare treatments and products. Among them are anti-wrinkle injections, facial cleansers, dermal fillers, moisturisers, and super serums. Their cleansers and moisturisers are also sourced from Aspect Dr.

About Booragoon Dental Centre

Booragoon Dental Clinic is one of the most trusted dental centres in Perth. The clinic offers reliable and quality dental products and solutions. The practice’s mission is to provide complete dental care with the highest standard of treatment, customised specifically for each individual patient. The clinic is owned and led by Dr. Russell Fine, a dental professional registered with the Dental Board of Australia, along with Dr. David O’Dowling and Dr. Alma Creaven. The clinic has also ventured into the non-surgical skin care domain. They currently offer skin treatments and products sourced from Aspect Dr.

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