CF Stinson Presents New Product Collections at NeoCon East 2014 (Booth 2701)

Collaborations with Robert A.M. Stern, Clodagh, Michael Graves, Patty Madden

Baltimore -- CF Stinson, a leading resource for commercial textiles for more than 60 years, is set to unveil new product collections, including collaborations with Robert A.M. Stern, Clodagh, Michael Graves and Patty Madden at NeoCon East 2014. Opening today at the Baltimore Convention Center, NeoCon East is the premier design expo and conference for commercial interiors on the East Coast, and features the largest concentration of products and services focused on the GSA market for the interior design, architecture and facility management industries.

“We are excited to feature dynamic and innovative collections designed by industry legends such as Clodagh, Michael Graves, Robert A.M. Stern and Patty Madden here at NeoCon East” said Keith Stinson, president of CF Stinson.

Featured Products, NeoCon East 2014 (Booth 2701)

Light Play

Designed by Robert A.M. Stern, Light Play is a suite of five fabric patterns and two carpet patterns that are synergistic and designed to be used together, all inspired by the play of light and shadow on architectural elements: light glinting off balusters, shining through window blinds, and streaming through grilles; the chiaroscuro effect of light washing across architectural moldings; sunlight striping a textured surface. The collection carries forward RAMSA's modern traditional approach to furnishings informed by architecture.

Sarana by Clodagh

‘Sarana’ is a word from Pali, an ancient Buddhist language, which means ‘safe place’ or ‘refuge.’  In creating the Sarana Collection, Clodagh combined principles of Biophilia, Chromotherapy and Chakra with other wellness philosophies to achieve a line of upholstery and privacy curtain textiles that are intended to support healing environments.  Inspired by nature, Sarana’s woven textures, patterns and colors explore ancient healing symbols, both familiar and nostalgic.  This versatile collection transcends a wide range of applications, including hospitality, spa and residential environments. The Sarana Collection represents the first collaboration between Stinson and Clodagh.

Vistas by Michael Graves

Vistas represents the third collaboration between Stinson and Michael Graves. The design compositions reveal the architect’s unique, abstract interpretations of scenes from the natural world. The collection includes both upholstery and privacy curtain fabrics. Graves selected the Vistas theme as an inspiration for his collection knowing that fabrics for healthcare environments need to be not only calming but also optimistic and uplifting.  The Vistas he designed for Stinson range from misty mountains to heartland fields to flowers on a vine.  The colorways are vibrant, yet peaceful.

Hudson by Stinson Design Studio

For the discerning interior designer, Stinson presents Hudson, a 100 percent wool textile.  This luxurious wool melton has rich heft and exquisite drapeability.  The color line is deep, with 22 shades including pop-dyed brights and heather and natural heather combinations.   Like an iconic Hudson Bay blanket or a fine wool overcoat, Hudson will inspire designers to envelope themselves in this sophisticated and beautiful new quality.


Building on a legacy of innovation and sustainability, Stinson presents EnVi, the industry’s first collection of non-woven upholstery produced using 80 percent natural and renewable raw materials. These bio-synthetics provide a sustainable alternative to conventional vinyl and polyure­thane while meeting the high performance demands for challenging commercial environments.

New Patty Madden Software Collection patterns

Plexus owes its stunning appeal to the mythological celestial bird that radiates light and luminosity.  The unique and subtle embossing combined with an elegant color palette creates a stunning textile. Slightwave features a lively, undulating design. Wicker’s appeal is created through proprietary embossing fused with threads of color.  The result is textured high performance upholstery with the appeal of a variegated, hand-made woven textile.

About CF Stinson –

As a family-owned business for three generations, CF Stinson purveys innovative commercial textiles that exceed customer expectations for design, performance, value, sustainability and service. On a daily basis, CF Stinson inquires about possibilities, inspires great interiors and desires to improve.