Availing Phase Changing Material Is Easier Now With Shanghai Tempered Entropy New Energy Co., Ltd

Shanghai, China (August 16, 2016):- Considering the increased value of phase change material, Shanghai Tempered Entropy New Energy Co., Ltd takes the bid to offer the finest quality phase change material at the most affordable rates. Being driven by the urge to develop, produce and sell innovative products based on PCM technology, the company takes pride in having developed many innovative temperature regulation products for several industries including Construction Material, HVAC, Textile, Automobile, Cold Chian, Healthcare, Electronics Cooling and Consumer Goods. Having earned the accolade of the best phase changing material provider in China, they also offer PCM Spray bonded cotton, PCM Spray bonded mesh fabric, PCM Coating Fabric, PCM Impregnation Fabric, PCM Thermal Finishing treatment, PCM Cooling Vest/Cool Vest and much more. Unraveling the rejuvenating opportunity for one to experience the capacity of any product containing MPCM to continually regulate skin’s microclimate, the company offers three categories of PCM textile products i.e. coating, impregnation and spray bonding. While coating involves putting microcapsule phase change material onto the fabric, the spray bonding contains use of an air gun that is used to spray PCM onto the surface of the fabric making the fabric phase change material fabric.

With more than thousands of pleased clients, the company has earned reputation as the best phase change material provider in the market. Combining the craftsmanship along with the technologically advanced products, the company has become the first choice for many. Ensuring repeated engrossment with the experience, the company unravels the best path for one to experience the best quality phase changing material.

In a bid to help the clients to meet the rising need of cold chain, the company also provides PCM of -40°C, -20°C, 5°,18°,22°,37°. They are also adept enough at offering PCM filled HDPE plate, pouch or customized container for cold chain use.

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Shanghai Tempered Entropy New Energy Co., Ltd is a reputed company that offers the finest quality phase change material fabric and much more.

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