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The report titled “Palladium and Platinum Market: Trends and Opportunities (2015-2019)” analyzes the potential opportunities, challenges, demand drivers and significant trends in the Palladium and Platinum markets. The report elucidates facts on the palladium and platinum market as supplemented by the latest available statistics. In the report, we also try to study the growth pattern in the Palladium and Platinum market and the latest trends concerning this industry. Most importantly, we analyze the current market size and project future market size of the overall Palladium and Platinum business for the years to come. The report gives valuable insight into the major producers of Palladium and Platinum Market such as Norilsk Nickel, Anglo American Platinum, North American Palladium, Stillwater. It also profiles and analyzes the leading four companies operating in this industry with latest data and a brief overview of their business and finance structure along with a brief discussion of their future business strategies.

Company Coverage

  • Norilsk Nickel
  • Anglo American Platinum
  • North American Palladium
  • Stillwater

Country Coverage

  • North America
  • South Africa
  • Zimbabwe
  • Russia

The palladium and platinum market has been growing rapidly since the past several years mainly due to increasing demand for jewellery, growth in automobile sector, adoption of luxury lifestyle mainly among the urban population and global growth in Gross domestic product (GDP). Demand for palladium continues to grow, driven primarily by the automotive sector which consumes palladium supply for the manufacture of catalytic converters, that helps reduce toxic emissions into the environment. The demand for palladium is mainly driven by its uses in cars powered by natural gas, which is a growing niche offering in emerging markets such as India. Also, the growth of the U.S. shale-gas output is contributing to the increasing demand for palladium.

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The European auto market is the largest user of platinum in auto catalysts, accounting for a significant share of global platinum fabrication demand. Demand for platinum has been weighed down by reduced vehicle sales amid two consecutive years of economic recession, as well as continued thrifting of platinum in passenger diesel vehicles. A stronger auto market and expected increases in consumer platinum jewelry purchases could lead to stronger growth in total platinum fabrication demand.

Table of Contents

1. Global Palladium Market: An Introduction   
1.1 Palladium Physical and Chemical Characteristics   
1.2 Steps of Palladium Mining- Flowchart   
1.3 Applications of Palladium Usage   

2. Global Platinum Market: An Introduction   
2.1 Platinum Physical and Chemical Characteristics   
2.2 Steps of Platinum Mining-Flowchart   
2.3 Applications of Platinum Usage   

3. Global Palladium Market: Size and Growth (2009-2019)   
3.1 Global Palladium Market: By Demand (2009-2019)   
3.2 Global Palladium Market: By Supply (2009-2019)   
3.3 Global Palladium Fabrication Market: By Demand (2009-2019)   
3.4 North American Palladium Market: By Demand (2009-2019)   
3.5 South Africa Palladium Market: By Demand (2009-2019)   

4. Global Platinum Market: Size and Growth (2009-2019)   
4.1 Global Platinum Market: By Supply (2009-2013)   
4.2 Global Platinum Market: By Fabrication Demand (2009-2019)   
4.3 Zimbawbe Platinum Market: By Production (2010-2019)   
4.4 Russia Platinum Market: By Production (2009-2019)   

5. Global Palladium Market Share and Growth (2013)   
5.1Regional Palladium Demand Market Analysis: (2013)   
5.2 Regional Palladium Jewellery Analysis: (2013)   
5.3 Palladium Market Share in Industries (2013)   

6. Global Platinum Market: Share and Growth (2013-2014)   
6.1 Global Platinum Demand Market: Regional Share (2013)   
6.2 Global Platinum Industrial Demand Market Share: By Volume (2013)   
6.3 Global Platinum Supply Market: Regional Share (2013)   
6.4 Global Platinum Supply Market Share: By Volume (2013)   

7. Market Dynamics: Global Platinum and Palladium Market   
7.1 Growth Drivers   
7.2 Challenges   

8. Competitive Landscape: Global Platinum and Palladium Market
8.1 On the Basis Of Sales (2014)   
8.2 On the Basis Of Expected Sales (2015E)   
8.3 On Basis of Palladium and Platinum Production (2014)   

9. Company Profiles: Global Platinum and Palladium Market

List of Figures

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