Introducing Kickin’ It: Buddha Belly Kids Yoga Lil’ Camp

Summer camp season for kids is fast approaching as the end of school draws near. Buddha Belly Kids Yoga, a Chicago based mobile kids yoga company, will host the inaugural season of their yoga camp in conjunction with the soccer skills institute at Lil’ Kickers Chicago-Lake Street. Children age 4 to 8 will participate in a two-hour camp format featuring 45-60 minutes of yoga followed by daily art experiences with take home projects.

Yoga is all fun and games with these busy and big kids! Yoga is about building confidence and self-awareness through thematic classes. Each session intertwines movement with co-created poses, partner yoga, stretching, storybooks, games, and FUN! Every class ends with relaxation and guided meditation. The focus is on finding the magic of yoga while increasing strength and flexibility.

“Soccer is all about teamwork, endurance, and flexibility,” explains Erin Bracco, co-founder of BBKY. “Our yoga sequences can be integrated into your child’s soccer life to warm up the body and mind before practice or a big game. Concentrating on our breath helps to calm nerves. Our nerves produce shallow breathing, which in turn reduces the amount of oxygen to our brain. When we breathe deeply, we increase the oxygen flow.”

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Lil’ Kickers Chicago, an organization whole-heartedly focused on child development,” states Meg Hanisch, co-founder of BBKY. “Our belief systems about children are perfectly aligned and it is a joy to work with such like-minded people. We believe we have something unique to offer with the BBKY curriculum as it is designed to be developmentally appropriate and created with the educator’s touch.”

Session Details

Kickin’ It” Buddha Belly Kids Yoga Lil’ Camp
Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 10am-12pm
Session 1 July 19th, 20th, and 21st
Session 2 July 26th, 27th, and 28th
Ages 4-8
$100 per session
Lil’ Kickers
1911 W. Lake Street
Chicago, IL 60612

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About Buddha Belly Kids Yoga

Buddha Belly Kids Yoga is dedicated to nurturing kids’ innate desire for movement and play. We explore yoga through poses, movement, and relaxation while encouraging creativity and fun! Our classes balance both structure and spontaneity as we honor each child’s unique energy. From birth to teens, we seek to build awareness and strength in mind, body, and soul as we learn to make sense of our world. With a combined 13 years of experience in education, Erin Bracco and Meg Hanisch bring a fierce passion for developing a safe space for children to feel successful. Let us build each other up through yoga!

Contact Information
Erin Bracco and Meg Hanisch, CCYT
Address: Chicago, IL
Phone: (708) 752-3308