The Process of Opencast Mining with Rock Drill bits

The mining industry has a rapid development in recent years. The opencast mining is a kind of mining excavation. The process of opencast mining includes four parts that is boring the holes, blasting, loading and hauling, rock displacement.

Let us come to the first part-boring the hole. The way of boring are mainly heat treatment and mechanical crushing. The equipments used in this process are roller bits, down the hole bits, rock drilling rigs, drilling hammers such as dth hammer bits and so on. And it is said that roller bits, with so many advantages, are mostly used in the course of opencast mining. Roller bits have high working efficiency, low cost, high mechanization and it is suitable for various kinds of rock formations.

The working principle of the rock drill bits is that under the pressure of the drilling rig, the power from the drilling rod forces the drilling bits to rotate and crush the rock. The compressed air between the drilling rod and the drilling bits helps to displace the rock powder out of the hole. The drilling tools of roller bits include drilling rod, rod-stabilized device, shocking absorber and roller bits. The length of drilling rob is usually 9.2m or 9.9m. Shocking absorber prevents the deviation of drilling hole.

The main working parameters of rotary drill bits include bit pressure, drilling speed, displacement power and wind pressure. And reasonable use of all these parameters can help to prolong the service life of drilling bits.

Blasting is the second part of opencast mining process. Through blasting, the whole and integrate rock is crushed loosed, which provide preparation for the later drilling work. There are three types of blasting, namely, infrastructure stripping blasting, pin-point blasting and production blasting. Every blasting way has its own advantages which deserves it with some right qualifications to be used in mining drilling industry.

Loading and hauling are the two close processes, and they interact and control by each other. Nowadays, the development trend of loading and hauling is mainly reflected on the large equipment, computer assistance and automatic control. To improve the excavators¡¯ production capability can be achieved by the following methods. 1) According to the productivity and design of mining, we should choose suitable specification of equipment. 2) To optimize blasting design, improve the quality of blasting, so as to improve the working efficiency of excavator. 3) Through technique training, to enhance the operational level and proficiency of excavators.

The process of rock displacement is to transport the drilling rocks to the waste rock yard. This process can be achieved by road transportation, rail transportation, and so on.

With the development of advanced technique, there is no doubt that mining industry will have a further breakthrough in the near further.

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