Surprise birthday in Parque Warner

One of my children’s birthday is coming soon, and Sergey and I have been thinking of surprising them with an unexpected visit to the Parque Warner in Madrid. They have already mentioned that a schoolmate have gone there, and are dying to go, so we have decided to take them and celebrate the birthday there.

Besides, to be honest, we are also dying to go! It will be a weekend getaway to take advantage of Saturday and Sunday in the park. Children really enjoy this kind of things and, when we see them so happy, we feel happy too.

I have been looking for hotels in the outskirts of Madrid, because, although the park has its own hotel, it is a bit expensive and we prefer another one just as comfortable but with a more affordable price. Now, the one we liked the most is Elegance Getafe Hotel, which belongs to the Elegance Hotels chain.

Hotel is well connected and is just some minutes walk from the park, reason why it is ideal for us, since we will spend the whole day there and will go to the hotel just to rest and recharge batteries.

I have been taking a look at the website of the park, its rides and shows. and I am getting excited just thinking about their little surprised faces. And the best thing of all is that they don´t even know. It will be a total surprise if Sergey does not change his mind about it…

I will be telling you the experience.