Brandignity Now Offers Accountant & CPA SEO Marketing Solutions

The white hat search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing firm, Brandignity, has recently opened its doors to CPAs who are interested in initiating effective and aggressive promotional campaigns with SEO. This brand-building strategy promises to bring a steady stream of traffic to a business website and make the site more visible in the online search engines.

Brandignity offers various services for CPA marketing depending on the client’s specific needs. Options such as social outreach and email promotional campaigns enable companies to build an online following of clients who can be directly contacted in the future for new deals or services. In order for an optimized campaign to be successful, a company’s website must have quality content and meet the criteria of search engines like Google. With an exclusive, individualized plan, they can monitor a client’s website to ensure it is up to standards.

Search engine optimization is the absolute best form of advertising for an accounting company. This form of advertising can take a business to a whole new level by bringing it to the forefront in search engines. If an individual signs on to the internet and types in search keywords relevant to the CPA, accounting SEO can ensure that the search results show that business as a worthy option for receiving accounting services. The company stands behind the idea that having a business website and an online presence is terrific, but a website alone has no merit if it is not visible to potential visitors. Brandignity is making this possible.

About the Company: Brandignity is a forward-thinking marketing firm in Naples, FL with the primary objective to maximize its clients’ online presence and enhance their existing brands. The company offers multiple individualized strategies to suit businesses of all sizes and specialties. Contact them by phone at 866-250-4541 or by email at to find out how they can advance businesses through targeted marketing solutions. For more info please visit