The Best Experience of the High-end Portable Charger

Hi, friends! Welcome to this installment of Technology Tuesday! Recently, we’ve discussed about one of our desired apps Postagram, we shared tips on how to take better pictures with your mobile phone and talked about our favorite phone charger! Now we’re talking about the backup portable battery charger over again.

  Currently, I love my iPhone, and both I and my husband have them. But we also both have iPads! That’s a whole lot of electronic tools to keep running at any given time. Moreover while the portable charger is PERFECT for keeping your mobile phone charged, if you have several phones to charge and/or tablets as well, then it’s likely that the portable charger is fitting for you! And lucky me, I was able to review one and share my experience with you.

  I bought my first portable charger through Amazon and it was shipped to my house in no time. This time my husband opened the package, plugged it in to offer it a good charge, then put it to use.

  As you can see by the comparative size here to an iPad and iPhone, the large volume of the portable charger is bigger than the low volume of the portable charger. However, what would you expect from a device that can charge tablets and phones at the same time? It was still smooth, sleek and quite portable.

  Compatible with all major smart phones including iPhone 5, 4S, 4, 3GS, 3G, Android (Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG, Nokia, Blackberry, Sony Ericsson, etc.), it is compatible with original Apple iPhone & iPad charge cable (no iPhone/iPad cable or adapters included).

  Moreover, we put the backup battery charger pack to use. With two iPhones and two iPads, there is always a device that needs to be charged. Moreover, it’s so nice not to have to be stuck next to an outlet on the wall, right? It’s also great when the kids are watching movies on my iPad and it needs a charge, since you know that the conversation of “the battery is dead” does NOT go over well with the little ones. What I also loved were a couple of weekends ago, I had to go on a quick turnaround road trip. Though I didn’t take my iPad, I did want my iPhone to be able to be charged anytime, anywhere during the trip. Thus, instead of my portable charger, I charged up and took the large one! It can fully charge your iPhone up to 6 times before needing to be recharged! PERFECT for a trip, don’t you think?

  So are you sold? You should be. I received it for review, on the contrary, if you have multiple phones and tablets like we do, at just $76.95 on Amazon it is absolutely worth the investment. When you’re on Amazon, it also is definite to check out the good one and the product on the period of the Promotions. By entering via the Rafflecopter below, you are approving to subscribing to the portable charger - which you are free to opt out of at any time. You also may have the opportunity to join the Pilot program! You absolutely want in on this and where to buy portable charger. The giveaway is available to Continental US residents only. Good luck!