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Fake Employment References: Facts & Figures

In a recent survey done by BBC and the Federation for Small Businesses, carried out a survey that provided some interesting and startling results for the recruitment industry.

The survey showed that 17% of the 1,000+ companies surveyed, found that some of their employees (and particularly those at mid-level) had provided fake references when applying for their jobs. Of that seventeen percent, 76% had received fake references from applicants on more than one occasion! However, the BBC were quick to point out that the true figure associated with employees providing fake references is likely to higher, as the survey found that the majority employers don’t actually check references thoroughly. When broken down, fake references were primarily used by those applying for entry and mid-management jobs, but additionally,  12% had provided fake references for management positions and 2% for roles as company directors!

But the most worrying fact of all, was that 70% of companies were not even aware that this type of service was available to potential candidates daring enough to seek it out and use it.

How Fake Employment References Work

For about $150, for example, will craft an elaborate false written reference that is tailored to match the exact job specifications promise to not only craft an elaborate fake written reference based on your exact job specifications, but they will also provide a live HR operator, a staged supervisor as well as a fully functioning fake company website, complete with a local phone number and a toll-free fax number. The company will even go so far as to ensure fake businesses show up on Google Maps!

Deceiving hiring managers isn’t particularly difficult” according to the site’s founder William Schmidt.

How can I be sure my candidates are genuine?

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