LAS VEGAS – With temperatures on the rise, it’s important to protect your car from the summer heat in order to maintain the vehicle’s performance and life. Richard Petty Driving Experience (RPDE), the worldwide leader in drive and ride entertainment, operates more than 60 cars throughout the year for its guests. During the summer months, RPDE takes additional steps to keep its vehicles in top running condition and to ensure the safety of its drivers.

Here are six tips from RPDE for keeping your car protected from the summer heat:

1.      Keep the car’s interior cool while parked

Parking your car in the direct sunlight not only causes the inside of your vehicle to overheat but it also damages your car’s interior. Protect your car from the heat by parking in a shaded area and putting a sunshade on your window shield. Also, make sure to remove any food or beverages to prevent sticky messes and smelly odors.


2.      Check the tire pressure

It’s important to keep your tires in top shape during the summer months. Extreme heat can cause tires to expand and increase air pressure. Underinflated tires can affect your car’s fuel economy and handling as well as hasten tire wear. Throughout the summer, maintain your vehicle’s safe driving performance by checking the tire pressure frequently.

3.      Keep paint clean

The summer heat can be harsh on your car’s paint job. Keep your car clean and polished by applying a wax sealant, which prevents the paint’s color and shine from fading. 

Changing fluids

Make sure to check all your car’s fluid levels including the antifreeze and radiator coolants, brake fluid, engine oil and transmission fluid. When you’re maintaining the correct fluid levels, your car will function at its best even during those long summer road trips.


5.      Keep a spare tire at all times

Summertime means lots of road trips. In case of a blowout, make sure you have a fully inflated spare tire in your car at all times. Many cars are equipped with an air inflator kit but this won’t help if you experience a blowout.


6.      Maintain air conditioning

 Hot summer days require efficient air conditioning. Keeping the windows down during your drive won’t provide a cool air flow. Before you take off on a long trip, make sure to have a mechanic check that your air conditioning is running correctly.


7.      Check the battery

High temperatures and car batteries don’t mix. In fact, excessive heat can cause your battery to fail completely. To keep your car starting during the summer days, make sure to have your battery tested by an expert.

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About Richard Petty Driving Experience (RPDE):

Owned and operated by Petty Holdings, LLC, RPDE is the worldwide leader in NASCAR race car drive- and ride- entertainment, available at speedways across the U.S. It has base locations in Las Vegas, Concord NC and Kansas City. RPDE also produces and facilitates auto manufacturer drive and ride programs, safe driving programs, mobile marketing events and motorsports-related production services for the television and film industry. For track locations, dates of operation, or to book an experience visit or call 800-237-3889.  Interact with RPDE on Facebook (Richard Petty Driving Experience Las Vegas), Instagram (@drivepettyLV), Twitter @DrivePetty or YouTube.

About Petty Holdings, LLC:
Petty Holdings, LLC owns and operates Richard Petty Driving Experience, Exotic Driving Experience and American Muscle Car Challenge. It markets other Petty and Richard Petty branded and licensed ventures including Richard Petty’s Driver Search, Petty Safe Driving and Richard Petty Fantasy Racing Camp. It also provides motorsports support services to the commercial and film industries, mobile marketing event services and designs and executes ride and drive events for automobile manufacturers.

Headquartered in Concord, NC, Petty Holdings is a portfolio company of BV Investment Partners, a leading middle-market private equity firm, investing in the information and business services, communications, and media sectors.


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