Former Navy SEAL Inspires Next Generation of Protectors

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12 OCT 2015
San Juan Archipelago, WA

On a crisp October morning in 2015, former Navy SEAL and Professional Explorer Marc Lonergan has just completed writing a series of books that he hopes will inspire the next generation of our Nations Protectors.

His first non-fiction story, titled ‘Dolphin Island’ – Memoir of a Protector - follows his personal journey starting in 1976 as a ten-year-old boy growing up in coastal Massachusetts, to live a real world ‘Odyssey’ of Latitudes and Longitudes, as his experience as a SEAL sniper in South America earns him a spot on a Nat Geo Channel expedition. 

He will explore 'The Lost World’ of the Amazon Jungle following a voyage to Antarctica to research Global Warming with Sir Peter Blake; who is a famous sailor with over 600,000 miles racing around the world’s oceans.


Today, Marc sits in his boat in the sheltered cove of a small island in the San Juan Archipelago, in Washington State. He lights a fire in the small fireplace by his desk to take the chill off. 

He scans the news on the internet.  The headlines are overwhelming, even though he is far away from civilization.

His heart sinks when he reads about the defenseless students killed and injured in Roseburg, Oregon.

He reads about one brave soul shot seven times for his effort to save others. Like so many other Protectors, Marc wishes that he was there to help save so many precious lives, even if it cost his own.

He reflects on the lives of those he could not protect, and remembers it was only in the times that he was surrounded by friends, that he was able to succeed in his darkest hours.

News stories in the headlines about Benghazi, Libya strike a raw nerve with him, and he thinks about his fellow SEALs, Glen 'Bub' Dougherty and Tyrone 'Ty' Woods.


Marc was a member of the same unit that these men were contracting with, although at a different time and combat zone; Marc understands their path.


He is writing with the memory of his fallen Teammates and with the thoughts of their families.


'Dolphin Island' Part One - Memoir of a Protector - is being released in November 2015 on iTunes and Amazon Kindle, with his formal paperback release in February 2016. (Clovercroft Publishing - (ISBN: 9781942557296)


It is an adventure story about returning to the way that many of our current world’s protectors have grown up; with bruised knees, broken bones, scraped elbows, and a lot of imagination.


As an adult he learns it is, in fact, the small scaled dreams of a boy on his secret island, that represent a microcosm of a larger island with a larger population. It is a profoundly human and patriotic realization.


Like his fellow Teammates that have given their lives for the safety of others, he has grown up to protect both his country and humanity on a global scale.


The adventure with Marc Lonergan begins November 2015 on ‘Dolphin Island’.