New Duplicate Files, Images Removal Software Released!

New Valley Soft today has announced the release of Simple Duplicate Finder, a software that finds and removes duplicate files, images and audio files.

“The question is: ‘Do you have duplicate files on your computer?’ If you do, and almost everyone does, then you will find our newly launched Simple Duplicate Finder to be the magic wand solution to your problem,” said Boles Lewis, founder and CEO of New Valley Soft.

“What the software does is simply removed duplicate files, images and audio files from your computer that are choking it to death and making it crawl like cold molasses, thus returning it to new life and a faster operating speed,” added Lewis.

According to its developers, removing duplicate files and images will speed up one’s computer, speed up indexing, reduces backup time and size, recover wasted disk space, minimize time used for unneeded virus scan, increase free space on ‘limited’ resources like laptops and computer storage disks and reduce the search for files time and keep an organized file.

The new product, which also has its own site at, according to its creators, is one of the simplest and fastest solutions that can really solve your duplicate files problem.

“It aims to help users to find and remove duplicate audio, images, video and document files,” noted the software spokesperson.

Simple Duplicate Finder, dubbed the simplest and fastest solution for the duplicate files problem, is now available online at

“It also helps users save time taken to search for files, virus scan, and indexing. Besides, it recovers space – another money-saving  feature, as there will no longer be a need to buy a new hard drive,” explained Lewis, who further noted the following:

·      Find Duplicate Files in a Snap:  Users will be able to find and remove duplicate files simply by using its straight-forward and easy to handle interface. At the same time, user will certainly appreciate the amount of filters and options that can significantly reduce the time spent looking for duplicates.

·      Save Space & Remove Duplicate Images:  Users will be able to clean up their image library quickly and easily. Using an advanced algorithm to find similar images with an adjustable similarity ratio to let the user find the most duplicates possible. Even if the duplicate images are rotated, flipped, resized, edited, or saved into other formats.

·      Find Your Beat & Remove Duplicate Music Files: Users will be able to clean up their entire music collection. By searching for duplicates using audio tags like artist, album or song title. However, what if a user has two copies of the same audio file with different tag info? Simple Duplicate Finder will search the audio content (regardless of the audio tags) and detect those duplicate audio files.

Persons who will find the Simple Duplicate Finder of immense value, according to the Lewis, are Microsoft Windows users, but more specifically, photographers and videographers who usually have many photos and need to remove the duplicates. Others would include those who have large collections of music and need to clean it from redundancy, or any other users who have a lot of files on their computers.

For further information, please contact:

Boles Lewis

Founder and CEO

New Valley Soft

Phone: +201228411884