Exclusive Gloves For Men & Women Available At Power Sprocket

United State, 8th May 2014 - Power Sprocket the leading store for biker’s accessories is offering top-of-the-lineleather motorcycle gloves from some of the most recognised brands around. Those who are looking for best riding comfort and a unique, stylish statement will love the fantastic collection now on offer. Gloves of varied sizes, designs, colours, and special features are available for both sexes. These include presence of inserts that are water resistant, protective palm gel pads, high-quality insulation, and tension release feature for knuckles.

Just as the motorcycle leather vest from the store is high in demand so is the generated interest for the glove collection. The best thing about Power Sprocket products is that one can get price deductions within a 30 day period of product purchase in case the buyer is able to prove 5% less prices anywhere else. This naturally has added to the popularity of the products available at this store with more and more people going through the glove selections.

For example, one can get all weather True Element men’s gloves for only $23.95 at this store and the Motorcycle Driver True Element glove is for only $19.95. The options for men and women are not expansive but it is in keeping with the stores policy of emphasising on quality over quantity. The women's gloves has a cow leather make having a special treatment for superior grip when riding. This in turn helps to reduce fatigue since the rider don't have to go for a tighter grip. Short Motorcycle True Element Glove for women is available for $19.95 only and those having inserts for water resistance are available for $32.95.

The USP of the store is Great Products at Great Prices. Those who want to know more about gloves and motorcycle vests from Power Sprocket may visit their website

About The Company

Power Sprocket is a company with a difference. They are a team of industry veterans committed to bringing you the best quality motorcycle leather and other riding apparel at values that exceed customer’s expectations. They do this by constantly striving to improve our work systems and processes and diligently working to improve their sourcing. It is their goal not to overwhelm their customers with product selection. They only offer products that provide exceptional value, and then top it with excellent customer service. This results in an overall better shopping experience for you.

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