Law Firm Offers Bumper Stickers For Public Safety

1888 PressRelease - Alvin Wolff Jr. and Associates have rolled out their new campaign for public safety by offering free bumper stickers with public safety messages.

St. Louis, MO-IL - Bumper stickers that say dnt txt n drv, watch for motorcycles, brake for bicycles and sht up n drv are offered by the offices of Alvin Wolff Jr. and Associates with the hopes that public awareness will increase and this will cause a reduction in accidents where cell phones are involved. 

Wolff says that: "fully 25% of our cases coming in involve the use of cell phones". 

If people get the message, these needless tragedies will be reduced because people will return to the business of driving rather than talking or texting while operating a machine that weighs thousand of pounds. 

"It's time for the mayhem on the roads to stop", say Wolff a lawyer who has been in practice for 35 years. 

These messages are available free of charge and can be obtained by contacting Alvin Wolff through his website at