Basin faucet maintenance tips

Many people know that the car needs regular maintenance , but you know the wash basin faucet household maintenance also need it? If you do not know how to choose a good faucet taps and maintenance of basic common sense, will cause damage to Taps Sale quickly .

Ideal cleaning technique is to rinse with water faucet , then a soft cotton cloth wipe all metal surfaces of the water faucet , because the formation of scale on the metal surface after water evaporation . Gently wipe , do not rub vigorously to prevent damage on the chromium layer . Sassafras to scale after wetting the sponge and chamois dry, bright luster make LED Taps .

Best to use a mild liquid glass cleaner , or acid-free , non- abrasive gentle liquid and powder is completely dissolved and no friction solution polish can remove the mask and thick solid deposits on the faucet , do not use any abrasive detergents , fabric cloth or paper , as well as any acid-containing cleaning agents , polishing agents or rough frictionBathroom Accessory .

After a period of time , if found to reduce the amount of water , or even turn off the water heater phenomenon can be out at the head of the inlet screen gently unscrew the cover , remove impurities , generally can be restored as ever.

Maintenance of basic knowledge learned from the faucet : Do not think that a simple copper faucet without maintenance, in fact , is also the need to rely on any Kitchen Tapsdrip daily maintenance , in order to make the leading life is extended .

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