Aureus Medical shares 5 ways travel PT and nursing professionals can establish work-life balance

Omaha, NE (February 5, 2015) - Many people in the healthcare staffing industry struggle to strike that sweet spot between work and play. Aureus Medical Group, a nationwide leader in healthcare staffing, shares some great ways travel physical therapy and travel nursing professionals can establish a work-life balance.

When you get home at night, what do you do to relax and enjoy downtime? Here are a five ways to make the most of your free time:

1. Set technology limits
Computers, smartphones, and tablets can be a huge distraction and time-drain from the things we actually care about, such as loved ones and hobbies. Establish a "parking lot" for electronics where you leave all devices so you can be fully present with others. Agree to certain times of the day when everyone puts away their smartphones. A mini digital detox can feel cathartic.

2. Get moving
It can be hard to motivate yourself to work out with a hectic schedule, but exercising may be the trick to help you get more done by boosting energy levels and honing the ability to concentrate. Physical activities help curb stress, too, which enhances focus and lifts mood.

"Research shows exercise can help you to be more alert," psychologist Robert Brooks, co-author of "The Power of Resilience: Achieving Balance, Confidence, and Personal Strength in Your Life," told WebMD. "And I've noticed that when I don't exercise because I'm trying to squeeze in another half hour of writing, I don't feel as alert."

3. Meditate or practice yoga
Like exercise, meditation and yoga work to clear the mind and reduce stress, allowing travel physical therapy professionals and others to be more productive with other activities. Studies indicate mindful meditation along with hatha yoga cuts down on anxiety and boosts brain power. Find a spot to practice, or join a gym that offers classes. It may just help you feel refreshed after a long day.

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About Aureus Medical Group:

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