KEEN’s “Live Monumental” Road Trip Wraps Up; As Campaign Sets Sights on 2016

The Monumental road trip traveled 7,500 miles & gathered more than 30,000 signatures to advocate for the protection of 3 million acres of public land

PORTLAND, Ore. (Oct. 15, 2015) – In the last nine weeks, the KEEN Live Monumental road trip started in Portland, Oregon and ended in Washington, D.C., traveling 7,500 miles across 25 states in a bright yellow, renovated 1976 GMC RV celebrating our natural playgrounds and advocating for the permanent protection of more than three million acres of public land. Along the campaign, KEEN, maker of original hybrid footwear, collected more than 30,000 petition signatures, rallied support from more than 40 businesses, and hosted more than 47 events – including a reception on Capitol Hill that marked the finale of the 2015 tour and start of KEEN’s 2016 campaign efforts.

“This summer, through the Live Monumental road trip, we had the privilege of experiencing first hand some of the most treasured landscapes in America,” said Linda Balfour, KEEN brand marketing manager. “Along the way we connected with thousands of people with a shared passion for our natural playgrounds and preserving the public lands on which we play. We look forward to carrying the momentum and enthusiasm generated by the trip into 2016.”


In addition to recreating with, engaging, and educating tens-of-thousands of supporters about public lands and national monuments along the Live Monumental cross-country trip, the campaign urged the Obama Administration to protect five specific areas in the U.S. that have environmental, recreational, and historic significance, and designate them as national monuments. The areas include: Mojave Desert, CA, Owyhee Canyonlands, OR, Birthplace of Rivers, WV, Boulder-White Clouds, ID, and Gold Butte, NV. A victory during the campaign came on Aug. 7 when Idaho’s majestic Boulder-White Clouds was permanently protected as Wilderness.

From collaborating with local, regional, and national organizations to raising awareness of public lands in communities around the country both large and small to sitting down with government policy makers at the local, state, and federal levels, the Live Monumental movement sculpted a strong foundation in which to build on for 2016. At its core the campaign celebrates our lands, and was designed to immerse with people across the U.S. to rally support, enjoy our natural surroundings, and have lots of fun in the process – with the RV as a centerpiece for the mission.

Major focuses for the 2016 campaign will include amplifying local outreach and support in and around Live Monumental’s targeted locations, attracting advocacy from more businesses, and attaining a critical mass of signatures before President Obama leaves office with the hope of having the remaining four areas preserved as national monuments.

National monuments comprise some of America’s most celebrated icons – from California's Giant Sequoia National Monument to New York's Statue of Liberty to Wyoming’s Devil’s Tower – the country’s first national monument. Through the Antiquities Act created by President Theodore Roosevelt in 1906, with the stroke of a pen, the president of the United States can protect natural, historical, and cultural wonders by designating them as national monuments.

To learn more about the Live Monumental campaign, see live updates and get the latest info, and sign the petition to help create lasting change, please visit:


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