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SHENZHEN, CHINA - offers a great range of cell phone jammers such as High Power Jammers, Portable Jammers and 4G Cell Phone Jammers. The High Power 5 Band Cell Phone Blocker is a 3G Signal jammer with continuous operation and low power battery consumption. This blocker can work for 24 hours continuously with 8w transmit power. This high power mobile jammer reaches a maximum of 15 meters while blocking the downlink signal and does not cause any interception at the base station. These jammers are light in weight making them convenient to carry anywhere in the location.

The portable cell phone jammers such as the WiFi Bluetooth wireless Video Cell mobile phone jammer Phone Signal Jammer is a 5-Band portable mobile phone jammer designed to be placed on the table top or on ceilings. These jammers are highly recommended for places such as meeting rooms, classrooms, churches and any confidential place where cellphones are prohibited so as to maintain confidentiality. This is a perfect device which will help the premises remain confidential as well as undisturbed. This portable device works for all 3G, GSM and CDMA mobiles. Government, Military, Security, Finance, Police, etc. would find this device extremely beneficial and worthwhile.

The 4G cell phone jammer is a portable jammer which is widely used in banks, auditoriums, courts, exam rooms, cinemas, theaters, hospitals, conference rooms, military areas, security, etc. The products works the best for all 4G Wimax signals, however, cannot block iPhone 4S due to its 4G LTE feature. The blocking range is 1-10 meters making it more ideal for rooms as big as conference rooms or rooms with restricted space. offers high quality and brand new mobile phone jammers. They do not deal with used jammers, counterfeits or closeouts. All the products go through quality check and pass through the internal quality control and then offered to the customers.

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Jammer Fun, based at Shenzhen, China is an high power cell phone jammers online store that offers cheap cell phone jammers at wholesale prices. The store was established in 2010 and was the first ever company to offer dropshipping facilities for special signal jammers. It is one of the leading wholesale cellphone jammers manufacturer and distributors located in Shenzen, China.

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