Experience Live Music From Bruce Springsteen's 1978 "Darkness" Tour

Tribut Apparel, an online music merchandise store, has cured the Monday Night blues again! Every week the brand releases unique, vintage and often never before seen video footage of blues music artists. Their weekly dose of free blues music features a different blues singer, blues artist or blues guitarist whose videos will cure even the worst case of the Mondays.

Seeing Bruce Springsteen live from 1975-85 was a real treat, as it was the height of his career! For all those who missed out on these Bruce Springsteen concerts have the pleasure of seeing it via old school YouTube videos today. This week Tribut went back to 1978 during the release of the new Bruce Springsteen album, “Darkness on the Edge of Town”, and found footage from the Bruce Springsteen documentary from this ’78 Darkness tour. These live songs by Bruce Springsteen, the man who speaks to the working class, are a perfect soundtrack to listen to at the end of a long working day.

Blues Music is what it is all about for Tribut! Monday Night Blues provides an outlet for the younger generation in an effort to help them relate to this less familiar genre and get them excited for the guitar blues in the years to come!  

About Tribut

Tribut (, located in Deerfield Beach, Florida, is an online specialty retailer and social media company that sells a fun and nostalgic mix of apparel, accessories and gift items inspired by the music, art and pop culture from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.