CDC Reports to guide quality strategies in reduction of health disproportion

For quality reduction of the racial and other ethnic disparities related to health and rates of the HIV infection, injuries caused due to motor vehicles, deaths, smoking and coverage for immunization have received promising evidences and based on these evidences, there are various national and local level strategies. These are the latest updates according to the new reports by CDC office. The other report by the MMWR supplement described the CDC led programs that address various disparities related to the health conditions which were highlighted previously by the CDC in their reports CHDIR 2011 & 2013. The reports of CHDIR highlights the differences in the disease risk and mortality risks for the conditions of multiple level which are related to the behavior, health determinants which are of social level, healthcare access and other conditions wherein the people take birth, grow, continue their living, age during the process and work.

According to CDC officials, reducing and causing elimination of such health based disparities is central in the achievement of the highest level for every people. There can be quality monitoring of such closed gaps in terms of these disparities in health if there is quality monitoring of the problems and effectively and ensuring proper monitoring which can help in equal access to every such proven interventions.
The examples related to the programs and other health based addressed disparities are as follows:
VFC Program ( Vaccines for Children): It is managed by the CDC and involves provisioning of the vaccines at no cost to all those eligible children who have the chances of getting any vaccination due to their inability to pay for the medicine.

Post the introduction of such VFC program, the coverage of ethnic or racial difference in child immunization and coverage does not exist for polio-virus and measles vaccines.

3MV i.e. Many Men, Many Voices is an active preventive intervention which was developed by and also for black men who are physical intercourse with men and the case leads to HIV. The provision makes use of various smaller education group and causes interaction for increasing of the knowledge, change in attitude and causing behaviors that are related to both HIV and STD risks among these black men. For quality improvement, it has been randomized for clinical trials in around 37 states.
The intervention helps in demonstrating quality progress toward the healthy equity and shows elimination of such disparity of health. The release of various quality supplements though coincides with the National Minority Health Month 

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