The Elder Scrolls OL Equipment Appearance Customization

For players focus on The Elder Scrolls OL, nearer the game release, more excited and nervous. They look forward to the new game, but afraid of game settings let them down. This news should be good news of game forging system today for those who have The Elder Scrolls Online CD key.

In forging interface, there are four features list, respectively is to create, upgrade, decomposition and research. In manufacturing interface, players can appearance attributes of objects, the content can be from the interface is decided by a few options: parts MATERIAL TYPE, MATERIAL, design STYLE and character traits.

The player can select what you want to manufacture parts in parts with some ESO gold, such as helmets, breastplate, shin guards and such items. Material interface determines the level of the part, put how many materials related to the level of the item to and how many of the attributes, as shown in the figure below, make a real, 7 iron ingot to is the real level 1, 11 iron ingot into level 38 breastplates.

Feature is the choice items added special properties, such as decreasing the consumption of sprint endurance, etc., this is different in additional items enchant and effect, and enchants can exist at the same time. First you should study to choose the type of equipment, different weapons and equipment parts are need to separate research, which means that even if the same is heavy armor, if you study a certain characteristics of the cuirass but when creating a leg armor you want to add this feature to its also need to study with some The Elder Scrolls Online gold, and the same type of life skills in the study of a feature is only.

Item upgrades, is excellent promotion items, such as white goods upgrade into green items, such as green upgraded to blue. Each stage of upgrades requires different props, and can only improve step by step, not directly from white upgraded to purple. Is obtained by dismantling equipment upgrade props, dismantling equipment has a chance to get the material with the same material of the props. You can choose to add the number of upgrade props, the number of different upgrade the chance of success is different, each additional increased by 20%, is a maximum of 5 or 100% of success.


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