Download Media Gives Away Best Media Player

By: Elnora Wurst

USA – June 28, 2014. A popular website offering free download of open source software recently announced its latest treat to music lovers. Download Media now makes the Media Player Classic, the latest free music player available to anyone who wants to download the program. This is welcome news to those who are searching for the best streaming media player on the internet.


This free software is published under the Terms and Condition of GNU General Public License (GPL). It was designed specifically to work with the Windows platform, especially Windows 7 where it can operate on both 32 bit and 64 bit. This is the latest version that is not only able to fulfill basic functions but a lot of advanced features as well.


For those who are searching for a free music player online that plays almost all kind of music and video file formats, this is the media player that they should get. The Media Player Classic version 2.1.2 even records live television shows as long as the user has installed a TV tuner on his PC.


With its many features, this software does not gobble up too much space. It only needs 23.4 MB on your PC. Its features are impressive:


·         Works on different Windows Platforms.

·         Able to read and play file formats.

·         Flexible – it will work with older computer versions.

·         With several built-in codecs – useful to those who want to have subtitles on their videos.

·         Supports Matroska Container formats – able to play unlimited audios, videos and images.


About Download Media


Download Media is a website that offers free open source media player software. Their latest offering, Media Player Classic has been regarded by many as the best media player for both music and video files. Those who are interested can download this media player at



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