Free Daycare Waitlist Software Demo Offered by New Site

Day Care Waitlist rolls out a demo for the site's new software and anyone can try it out without signing up. The design of the software is simple, easy to use, and it contains just the needed features, no hassle with extra add-ons, it is all bundled and ready to use. The waitlist is accessible 100% online so there is no need to install or download anything.

Many day care providers have a lot of things on their minds from day to day operations, snack and meal times, bottles and diapers to payment schedules and field trip dues, however, one of the things many providers do not think they need to worry about is managing a wait list. Once every slot is filled, some providers do not think of what will happen once the child goes to school or moves. However, it is smart business sense to start a wait list for your daycare, because it ensures that you always have children in the allotted slots.

Challenges can arise when managing a daycare waiting list--such as how to go about it and what sort of program you should use. Luckily, there is a new daycare waitlist software and you can try it out free using the Demo on the website.

The Free Demo

The Demo for managing a daycare waiting list is set up in an easy to use format. There are different age group categories for each young child age: infancy, ones, twos, threes, and fours. On each file, you are provided with information about how many children are on the list and the longest wait time currently on the list. By clicking on each individual age group, you are able to see the names of each child, their age, how soon care is needed, and when they were placed on your list. Clicking each child's name will lead you to an individual profile for each child, complete with the parents' names and contact information (emails and phone numbers) and if the child has any siblings—which will also lead you to other children's pages if the family needs care for more than one child. Testing out the demo that you will find here is a perfect way of getting a feel for the software.

About the Software

The design of the software is simple and you are able to manage the waiting list from any computer at any location with internet access. The website is completely safe because a database encryption is utilized along with a secured protocol. Using this daycare waitlist software allows you to keep track of and maintain all the family information on one page. There is flexibility when managing a daycare waiting list because you can utilize either the default settings or you can customize the priorities to your own needs. This program allows you to view the status of each and every one of your lists—how many children are currently on the list, the typical amount of wait time, and the maximum amount of wait time. If you decide that you are completely satisfied with the daycare waitlist software demo and wish to have unlimited access to the website, then you can sign up for a trail run for 30 days and if you like it then it is only $100 per year to use the software on the site. Visit the site today for more information.

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