POD Pioneers Next Generation of Modular Exhibition Stands

A printing and graphics group is helping British businesses stand out from the crowd in 2016 with an innovation driven approach to modular exhibition stands. Fast, functional and guaranteed to make an impact, POD takes a proactive approach to winning exhibitors undivided attention.

Across the UK the events sector is worth a huge £39.1 billion. This is spent on around 1.3 million business oriented events, with attendee spends of nearly £40 billion. Exhibitions play an important role in the events economy, attracting over 13 million visitors a year, 265,000 exhibitors and generating a huge £11 billion. There’s no shortage of exhibitors, which means it’s critical for businesses to step up and offer attendees a dynamic, engaging and eye catching experience.

With over 15 years of experience in printing and graphic design POD has an in-depth understanding of what makes an exhibition stand pop. The team appreciates that every business is different, which means every order is backed with a bespoke approach. Creativity, quality and cutting edge technology underpin the entire process, with POD determined to use these elements to simplify the exhibition process in 2016. With a user friendly website, hands on customer support and an experiential Northamptonshire based showroom, POD offers clients a straightforward experience when it comes to selecting the best stand for their needs.

From a convenience and flexibility perspective nothing outclasses the performance of modular exhibition stands. Thanks to the intelligent design they can be configured and reconfigured to meet exact client requirements. All can be easily packed down into transport cases erected without the need for tools. This makes them ideal for one-person exhibition teams.

Developed with in-house technology, POD modular exhibition stands now feature stretch tension fabrics for large unbroken seamless graphics. For businesses wanting to wow attendees with visually impressive graphic back walls, nothing surpasses POD. Exhibitors can bring an added element of shine to their stalls with inbuilt lightboxes that create a stunning backlit display effect.

Joseph Plosky CEO said, “POD is an innovation driven business, and we’re always looking at new ways to help our clients stand out from the crowd. In 2016 our in-house modular exhibition stands shine even brighter with add-ons such as lightboxes and stretch tension fabrics.”

Solutions are extremely adaptable, with modular exhibition stands varying in scale and price. For clients with exhibition budgets that don’t stretch to the additional costs incurred with a full turnkey service, POD has a multitude of economical options.

As well as designing and printing modular exhibition stands POD also offers a storage service to clients wanting to warehouse hardware between shows. To find out more about POD Exhibitions and its innovative modular exhibition stand solutions, go to: