Stand-Up Comic STEVE TREVIÑO: The Funniest Texan You Don’t Know About


LOS ANGELES (March 3, 2015) – Stand-up comic Steve Treviño is bringing a fresh comedic voice from South Texas to Netflix with his newest comedy special, “Steve Treviño: RELATABLE.” Now streaming on Netflix, the world's leading Internet television network with over 50 million members in more than 40 countries, “Steve Treviño: RELATABLE” is the follow-up to this fast rising comedian’s Showtime special, “Grandpa Joe’s Son.”

Filmed in Corpus Christi, Texas near his hometown, “Steve Treviño: RELATABLE” delivers an hour of laugh-out-loud candid stories. The comedian fearlessly offers a fast paced peek into the human psyche through tales about life as a member of the working class in everyday America. Treviño, a Mexican American, steers clear of the predictable ethnic punch lines, and instead unabashedly relives personal stories of losing weight, being a frustrated Los Angeles transplant, and hilariously sharing the gender insight he’s gained through marriage: “You are not a man until you have a woman telling you what to do.”

Finding his way, from a Hispanic upbringing in a small South Texas town to living his dream in Hollywood, has infused Treviño’s comedy with a “TEX-MEX” sensibility. As a performer he dishes out a uniquely American voice that transcends ethnicity, making him universally ‘relatable’. Treviño explains, “Texas is an interesting place where people like my white brother-in-law call me cuñado and Spanglish is a part of the everyday dialogue. There’s not these huge racial divides like we keep seeing on television.”

Treviño is excited to be on Netflix, changing the image of Hispanics in the media on a global scale. But he’s not just doing it there. Treviño has one foot firmly planted in his Texas roots and the other moving the laughs forward for the next generation of Latino comics. In his weekly podcast Steve Treviño: The Process, he talks with comedy club managers, promoters and young comics about the process to becoming a great stand-up. He’s known for coining the phrase “Tacoing it up” and leading heated debates about Hispanics not playing the stereotypical ethnic jokes in order to book work and gain an audience.

Treviño is currently in-development on a sitcom with Televisa USA based on his stand-up and the portrayal of a modern day Latino family. 

Treviño will also be the face and host of the annual Republic of Texas biker rally in Austin this June and continues to tour the country. Some of his upcoming tour dates include:

March 14: Carlsbad, NM – Walter Gerrells Performing Arts Center
March 19-22: Dayton, OH – Funny Bone
March 26-29: Sunnyvale, CA – Rooster T. Feathers
April 20-26: Las Vegas, NV – Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club at MGM Grand
May 8-9: Temecula, CA – Pechanga Resort & Casino
June 12-14: Austin, TX – Hosting the Republic of Austin Biker Rally
June 25-28: Brea, CA – Improv 
July 2-5: Ontario, CA – Improv 

Fans can get more of Steve Treviño’s hilarity on 
Twitter: @MrSteveTrevino / Instagram: @TEXASTREVINO

And his podcast “Steve Treviño: The Process”:

“Steve Treviño: RELATABLE” is streaming now on Netflix: