Nike official risen the price of some sorts of their basketball shoes such as LEBRON 10

America - According to the report from famous cheap sport shoes online seller , due to pressure of the increasing of cost, the Nike official plans to raise their prices by 5 percent to 10 percent. The price increasing of this time will directly affect the selling price of the Nike LEBRON 10 basketball shoes. It has been learned that the estimated price of this new LEBRON shoe is about 315 dollars, which may become the most expensive Nike basketball shoes in their history and former record.

Nike official website has announced that the selling price of LEBRON 9 basketball shoe is about 201 dollars, of which there are some special color shoes has 20 percent discount for. On the other hand, the official price of the LEBRON 9 high-top basketball shoes is about 250 dollars. If people could visit website Air Max 90 , consumers could see that the price of all of former basketball shoes are 4.4 discount, 5 discount, 5.2 discount or others. People could get the cheapest basketball shoe from this website.

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Although the official Nike spokesman whose name is Mary Remuzzi has repeatedly stressed that the price increasing of Nike company is not blindness. However, the marketing strategy of price adjustment of this time is not very completely. Nike official should also tale a long period of time to see the feedback of their consumers around world. One Nike shoes fan has said that there is no difference to wear the Nike shoes with thousand dollars or wear the Nike shoe which value is hundred dollars. Other fan said:¡± Although prices of the Nike shoe such as Air Max 90 are in the process of rising, I do not believe the large sales of Nike can maintain."

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