How to Save Money and Energy in the Hospitality Industry

How to Save Money and Energy in the Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry requires large amounts of energy in order to sufficiently operate each and every day. Hotels, restaurants, transportation, and tour operations are at the forefront of energy usage, which can take a serious hit on daily expenditures when operating with outdated equipment, as well as relying on unnecessary resources that ultimately wind up increasing waste over time. Fortunately, advancements in energy-efficient technology and services are making it easier for businesses to cut costs, while simultaneously saving energy and improving reputation.


Upgrade Energy Efficiency

There are a wealth of ways the hospitality sector can reduce energy-related expenses, and the best way to begin is by monitoring energy consumption and exploring new ways to improve energy efficiency. Three of the most common ways energy is wasted involves heating, air conditioning, and lighting. Other important areas to examine include refrigeration, food preparation, water heaters, vending machines, and laundry.


By implementing new equipment designed to save energy, businesses can save big bucks while also doing their part to preserve our precious environment. Furthermore, many energy companies now offer special incentives for customers seeking to upgrade old equipment with less wasteful alternatives. There are also demand-management assistance programs worth considering that can help larger companies shift power usage during both peak and non-peak periods.


Invest in Reusable Textiles

Rental uniform services can increase savings exponentially by allowing a company to avoid the cost of maintaining and washing uniforms. Add to the fact that employee turnover requires uniforms to be replaced, which can cause the bottom line to take a significant hit over time.


While investing in a service that provides work apparel and uniforms might seem like just another expense, a March 2015 online survey conducted by TRSA shows that 88% of restaurateurs agree that renting reusable textiles saves time and money, eliminating costs associated with laundry, inventory, and man-hours to oversee the process.


In addition, 21% of textile decision makers in the hospitality industry cite customer and product safety as their primary reason for having employees wear uniforms. Not only do uniforms improve company image, but business owners and managers can diminish unnecessary costs due to an unsafe work environment in the long run.


The majority of consumers surveyed in regards to work uniforms also agree that they place more confidence in uniformed employees, so it goes without saying that a satisfied customer is quite often also a returning customer, leading to an increase in profits over the long-term.


Motivate Staff

Improving energy efficiency is everyone’s responsibility. By getting the whole team on board, businesses can establish a renewed sense of excitement about the company-at-large. Appointing an energy manager to improve sustainability is a great start, and implementing training courses and reward systems for employees is even better.


Some ideas to consider include ensuring housekeepers are resetting the thermostat, reporting water leaks, and turning off the lights after a room is cleaned. Food services can save energy by lowering water temperatures, operating refrigeration equipment in a more efficient manner, and communicating with auditors about any wasteful food prep procedures they may have identified.


The impact of energy usage is an often overlooked, yet vital component to businesses operating within the hospitality industry. Through the process of re-examining energy consumption, seeking out investments that maximize continuing profits, and generating a heightened awareness of energy consumption among staff, businesses can really start to thrive in a multitude of ways, while also protecting the earth’s ecosystem for many years to come.



How can businesses within the hospitality industry reduce energy consumption? These top 3 ways to become more energy-efficient not only save money, but improve company image and protect our fragile ecosystem.


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