Traveler Friendly Insurance & Other US Insurance Providers Claim for Travel Insurance Mostly to Cover Expenses for Medical Emergencies

In the US, recently, Traveler Friendly Insurance and other similar companies have observed that due to the increasing number of people being aware of the mishaps that may happen during their ventures in foreign places, travel insurance or international health insurance is claimed mostly to cover expenses for medical emergencies. Since travelers intend to enjoy their stay abroad, they do not want to be troubled with high hospitalization bills in case unexpected situations arise. They have shared that among the most common reasons that clients have approached them is to inquire and redeem the amount that they are willing to extend.

Typically, the decision to purchase travel insurance is set aside by the majority including people who are frequent visitors of distant places. Especially if these individuals’ reason for going to other territories may be for mindless purposes, sparing an amount for emergencies is unlikely to be a priority. However, due to the revelations of plenty of relative situations in newspapers, TV, and the internet, they have given the investment a second thought. Since many of them would not want their plans or even their own safety threatened, saving up for it is even deemed practical.

As the unfortunate events that are likely to occur in distant places cannot be predicted, buying travel insurance is a wise decision. This way, in cases involving unfavorable outcomes, people spending time abroad are assured that getting back on track is less challenging where the costs are concerned. Since most insurers provide clients with a number that can be contacted 24 hours if something arises, they can be consoled knowing that anytime they need a grand amount for medical emergencies, they won’t be denied of it.

Just recently in the first quarter of 2014, a British national, in his late 60s, was said to have been booted out of a health clinic in Turkey after his medical insurance got cancelled. As a tourist who suddenly fell ill with mild to severe chest pains, he was rushed to the intensive care unit at the nearest hospital as suggested by physicians. During the first few weeks, all medical charges, from laboratory examinations and prescription medications to daily food budget, regular checkups, and room accommodation were taken care of. When news reached the authorities that the stacking hospital expenses are no longer covered by his insurance, he was immediately subjected to discharge.

With this not being an isolated case, numerous people are deliberately recognizing the importance of travel insurance, particularly for medical purposes. Since there are governments whose officials may not be as lenient as those in home territories, an alternative to compensate for the failure to comply with outstanding hospital bills can be advantageous. Without medical insurance and sufficient funds to pay for medical fees, they may end up like the foreign national. They may be subjected to untimely discharges, delays of proper hospital care, penalties, and even imprisonment.

According to the US Consular Affairs, most insurance providers are honest, meritorious, and unlikely to deprive clients of their claims. Sometimes, however, a number of the insured individuals file reports to be given their share at the wrong time. Due to this, they may receive lesser amounts. It is either they do it in haste or to get free medical treatment for basic injuries. Unless intended for cases of grave incidents, particularly those that call for lengthy hospitalization, it is impractical to come forward to ask for reimbursement. If costs are avoidable, it is best to put off claims until necessary.  

Also, if it was agreed upon that going to highly-dangerous areas is forbidden due to safety reasons, medical insurance for travelers may not be provided. Usually, but not all, insurance companies pass along a list of territories that put visitors at extreme risk. However, if clients insist on pursuing their journey, they may wish to speak to a representative from their insurance companies.

Depending on the company that offers medical insurance for travelers, most of these groups reward clients with a lot. The list includes assistance benefits, compensation for delayed trips due to mandatory medical procedures, daily hospital allowance, medical treatment budget, personal accidents reimbursements, and personal liabilities.

Therefore, it is not recommended to purchase travel insurance from any random company. Since there are groups whose offers provide more and better benefits for travelers, weighing the options prior to officially signing up is advised. While others introduce nothing but standard coverage, some offer buyers the flexibility to choose their own set of policies and add or eliminate the ones that have been pre-selected.

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Traveler Friendly Insurance is among the travel insurance companies worth checking out. As a reliable company and an administrator of International Medical Group (IMG), it can be of help for any medical emergencies that will occur in foreign places. When catering to individuals and groups, it presents a selection of flexible payment options, modifiable plans, and multiple deductibles that can be availed of depending on a specified budget. With years of experience in the insurance industry, it can assist with lengthy processes and make claiming for medical insurance much easier.

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