Newcastle NSW Chiropractic Office, Biomax Wellness Centre, Puts A New Twist On Chiropractic Care

PRESS RELEASE: Newcastle AU, 31-JANUARY-2014 - Biomax Wellness Centre - Warners Bay and Dr. Jason Geres DC, Newcastle NSW Chiropractor, are pleased to announce that they offer the latest techniques and methods to alleviate pain and improve overall health in local patients. The combination of chiropractic care, naturopathy, biomedical methods, personal training and wellness activities is effective in living healthfully.

According to Dr. Geres DC, Newcastle NSW chiropractor, "You know how important it is to have proper corrective chiropractic care. You likely know the great benefits of seeing a chiropractor as an adult and you know that proper care of your back, neck and nervous system is one step towards a long and healthy life. Though it is never too late to start, the earlier you are able to begin this, the better. Here are Biomax, we are focused on caring for the entire family when it comes to chiropractics and we offer infant and pediatric chiropractic care all the way up through adults."

He continues, "As a professional pediatric chiropractor, I have the experience and training it takes to serve as a chiropractor for babies and I will be able to get to the bottom of the problem if your child is experiencing discomfort in a specific area of the body. The sooner we see your baby at Biomax, the easier it will be to find out why they are experiencing these symptoms and the sooner we can design a plan of action."

The team offers a range of consultation options and programs that can be tailored to specific needs. Available in-clinic testing includes Hemaview Live Blood Screening, Body Composition Analysis, zinc testing, urine testing, pH testing, iridology, nail analysis and tongue diagnosis. Therapies include tailored herbal preparations, nutritional supplementation, as well as dietary and lifestyle changes.

Learn more about natural health remedies by visiting the web pages at today. Members of the press and others who have further questions about the contents of this press notice are encouraged to contact Dr. Jason Geres DC, Newcastle NSW chiropractor, at the location offered below.

Contact Person Name: Dr. Jason Geres DC

Company Name: Biomax Wellness Centre - Warners Bay

Address: Level 1, 468 The Esplanade Warners Bay NSW 2282

Contact Phone Number: 02 4947 4393