Local Family Re-Opens Mountain Top Restaurant

If there are two things that Casper can never have enough of, it's overwhelming scenic beauty and local restaurants serving tasty food. Luckily for the Oil City, the Strand family is looking to combine the two, as they re-open the Treehouse Restaurant and General Store.

Located right towards the top of Casper Mountain, the Treehouse Restaurant and General Store exists to provide Casper citizens with good home cooking and a view! In addition to oversized breakfasts lunches and dinners, the Treehouse Restaurant and General Store also offers a wide-variety of camping and outdoor goods guaranteed to make your trip to the mountain a memorable one.

Whether you're  spending a weekend camping in the sun, or you're just on the lookout for a new, local restaurant to impress the family, the Treehouse Restaurant and General Store offers everything you could possibly need to satisfy your craving for the outdoors...and for burgers! Additionally, you can book Treehouse for your next wedding, party, office team building exercise and more. If you've ever wanted to give your Grandma Cookie a view that takes her breath away (but hopefully, like, not literally...she's pushing 90, after all), book Treehouse for your next family reunion. The bottom line is, if you want it, Treehouse has it!

Open Tuesday through Sunday from 7am-7pm (9pm on Fridays and Saturdays), the Treehouse Restaurant and General Store wants to share with you food, fun, a sense of family and a view of Casper that reminds you of that first time you climbed a tree and thought you were the king or queen of the world.

For more information, visit or call 307-265-2511