Foodies' Sanctuary: Joseph’s Culinary Pub | A Sanctum of Edible Creativity in Santa Fe, NM

Beginning with the famed Joseph’s Table in Taos, Chef Joseph Wrede has garnered a huge fan base. With Joseph’s Culinary Pub, it’s more of same with lots of fans raving about the food and ambiance. Even when Chef Wrede subsequently used his talents to assist other restaurateurs, his diners would invariably refer to the establishments, no matter what the actual name, as “Joe’s.” Now, Joseph’s Culinary Pub is packed nightly with enthusiastic diners, some of whom have followed him throughout his 20-year New Mexico career. Joe presents the City Different with a sanctum of edible creativity, and it’s better than ever.

Chef Wrede has always been original with his cuisine, taking his guests on a perpetual dining adventure. What’s ironic is that his menu descriptions, while always intriguing, never really let on to how good the actual dishes taste – and the dishes soar! His menu is quite vegetable-forward, featuring sophisticated completely vegetarian dishes. Consider the crisped eggplant with French lentil tahini purée, mint crème fraiche and burnt orange poached fennel – a wholly satisfying delight. Joseph’s chile relleno on the bar menu, as well as the enchiladas with an East Indian twist provide complete satisfaction for the adventurous vegetarian and omnivore, alike.

Amongst the carnivorous selections, Joseph’s steak au poivre with madeira wine and porcini mushroom sauce is a Joe’s classic, which has a following bordering on religious. The lamb ribs from the bar menu are a pile of the most delectable morsels marinated in an East Indian mint pesto. The meat falls off the bone and is a finger-licking summer celebration that feels like Christmastime. The rabbit lasagna, with its tender fresh pasta and the bold, deep flavors of a sturdy ragù, will bowl over even the most experienced of fine diners. Chef Wrede’s Napoleon, an entrée, is a beautifully stacked root vegetable ensemble, gently fused with touches of goat cheese and ginger-carrot foam, along with his signatory “je ne sais quoi,” meaning he’s always adding a touch of something distinct that you can’t quite put your finger on – and you just can’t forget.

Dinner-table warfare may break out if you try to share any of the desserts. The bay leaf panna cotta with blackberry espresso sauce is bold and sensual. The butterscotch pudding is completely addictive. Joe’s wine list is keenly considered, supplemented by a fine selection of beers on tap.

Chic, never pretentious and anything but cliché, Joseph’s of Santa Fe is the spot for those looking for an original dining experience. For those with discerning palettes and who enjoy broad experiences with cuisine, Joseph’s Culinary Pub is ideal. He’ll take any preconceived rules you have about combining foods, herbs and spices and show you a whole new world. Thus, the adventure begins.

Josephs’ Culinary Pub
428 Agua Fria,
Santa Fe NM 87501
Phone | (505)-982-1272