VersaLogic shipping new Low-power EBX embedded computer

Tualatin, OR — September 29, 2015 — VersaLogic Corp., a US -based embedded computer company, is now shipping the “Anaconda” – a rugged EBX-format single board computer (SBC). It features extensive I/O capabilities, low power consumption, and fanless operation over the full industrial temperature range.

The Anaconda board leverages DMP's Vortex86DX2 System on Chip (SoC). It offers full industrial temperature (-40º to +85ºC) operation, and low power requirements (5.5 Watts). Based on the industry-standard EBX form factor (5.75 x 8 inches), it is an excellent solution for industrial and medical applications that need an EBX-format solution, considerable on-board I/O, and moderate processing power.

“The Anaconda is a full-featured SBC for embedded environments that require low power consumption and passive cooling," said Bruce McKinnon, Chief Operating Officer of VersaLogic. "The Anaconda delivers extensive on-board I/O capabilities, mid-range performance, and low power draw on an industry-standard EBX-size board."

The Anaconda features built-in data acquisition ports including eight analog inputs and thirty-two digital I/O lines. Other on-board I/O includes dual Ethernet with network boot capability, up to 2 GB soldered-on DDR2 RAM, five USB ports, four serial ports, a SATA interface that supports high-capacity rotating or solid-state drives, removable flash storage, and three general purpose timers.

Extensive Expansion Options

An industry-standard PC/104-Plus™ expansion site provides plug-in access to a wide variety of expansion modules from numerous vendors.

Systems can be enhanced by leveraging the Anaconda’s on-board Mini PCIe expansion socket with plug-in Wi-Fi modems, GPS receivers, MIL-STD-1553, Ethernet, Analog, and other mini cards. The Mini PCIe socket includes mSATA capability providing flexible solid-state drive (SSD) options.

An SPX expansion interface provides additional plug-in expansion for low-cost analog and digital I/O.

For Extreme Environments

This single board computer is an ideal choice for applications that require a rugged, high reliability product.

Designed for full industrial temperature (-40º to +85ºC) operation, the rugged Anaconda boards meet MIL-STD-202G specifications for mechanical shock and vibration. Latching connectors provide additional ruggedization for use in harsh environments. Transient voltage suppression (TVS) devices on critical I/O ports provide enhanced electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection for the system.  Designed and tested to withstand extreme temperatures, high-impact, and vibration, Anaconda features no moving parts and soldered-on RAM. 

Software Support

The Anaconda is compatible with most x86 operating systems.  For Windows and Linux operating systems Anaconda’s on-board I/O functions are supported by VersaAPI. The VersaAPI Application Programming Interface (API) simplifies software access to the on-board I/O devices. Supported devices include analog input, digital I/O, and timer/counters.

Long-term Availability

The Anaconda is covered by VersaLogic's 5-year product warranty and 5+ year availability guarantee. VersaLogic's Product Life Extension programs typically keep each technology generation available for 10+ years. Product customization services are available, even in low OEM quantities. Customization options include conformal coating, revision locks, custom labeling, customized testing and screening, and more.

Pricing and Availability

Both the commercial (0° to +60°C) and industrial (-40° to +85°C) temperature Anaconda products are now in stock at both VersaLogic Corp. and Digi-Key Corp. Pricing starts at $667 in OEM quantities. Contact or visit or for more information.

About VersaLogic Corporation

VersaLogic Corp. built its reputation on very high reliability products and superior service. A 35-year history of consistency has earned VersaLogic the reputation of being the industry's most trusted embedded computer company. VersaLogic delivers state-of-the-art embedded computers, coupled with expert technical support, for critical markets such as the medical and defense industries. For more information, visit

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