“I don’t know anyone from Delaware, must be a telemarketer."

Matthew De Cola - Actor - July 31 2014

Scrolling through the realms of backstage, I came across the listing for Funny The Movie open casting call one month prior to its occurrence. I remember examining the characters very carefully, and I just couldn't help but find the description of Guito Perrone hilarious. I sympathized with him, and felt connected to him. Fast-forward to the night prior to the auditions, having not gotten a wink of sleep out of sheer excitement for the prospect of auditioning for a big movie- I couldn’t wait just to live the experience- which was a victory in itself. I got to the Radisson two hours before the sign up time. Not that many people had shown up at that point yet, although Funny’s Cindy Chase was there setting up her comfy base camp. It was two hours filled with laughs exchanged by Cindy and I, when suddenly, not having paid much attention to my surroundings, the place was packed with people wanting a shot at this title. The block was so overpopulated that it looked like NYC’s hottest and most chique club in broad day-light. 10 am arrived, and with it came the sign up times. I ran and luckily obtained the second spot for 12 pm.

Seeing as how the Actors Expo was taking place that day- and there was utter pandemonium- I went to enjoy a little silence until audition time (NB silence is not really what I attained because it is New York City). Returning to the sign in desk after a half an hour delay, it was now show time. I was placed in front of the boardroom doors and was told to go in and wait to be called. A little pre-game relaxation, and then came my turn. I just wanted to go in and make a strong choice for the production team. Upon the end of my audition I was greeted by a roaring applause and a handshake.

Time passes, life continues, counting down the last days in the school semester. One morning at the end of May, a morning like every other, or at least so I thought. I had just woken up, I was on my balcony savoring the sunlight and sipping my coffee, when the phone rang.

A number from Delaware appeared on screen, while looking at it I thought: “I don’t know anyone from Delaware, must be a telemarketer, lets have some fun.” On the other end of the phone was Scott Lehman with BIG NEWS, even though my greeting to him was less than courteous. He had informed me that I had got the part, and then everything else he said was admittedly a total blur.

I remember telling him to not joke with me because my heart in that moment blew a gasket, which was then greeted by his warm laughter. I would like to Thank Funny The Movie for their nod, and especially Scott Lehman for that proverbial phone call that forever changed my life, Thank You @ColaMatteo    @funnythemovie