As Revenue Outpaces Projections Governor Says Wyoming Doing Well

CHEYENNE, Wyo. – The latest update on revenue to the State of Wyoming shows that income is ahead of forecasts. The state is benefiting from capital gains and mineral revenues outpacing projections in several areas. The update is for the current fiscal year, which ended June 30.

“Right now in Wyoming we have low unemployment, we have incomes growing and we have the second highest increase in Gross Domestic Product in the country. This latest update on revenue is yet another sign that Wyoming is strong. We will remain fiscally conservative because that is part of our culture and our success as a state, and we will continue to monitor revenue because that is the prudent thing to do. But, revenue collections, if they continue at the present rate, would mean we can continue to invest in the future while making appropriate savings,” Governor Matt Mead said.

The revenue update is from the Wyoming Consensus Revenue Estimating Group. That group does not project capital gains. It will publish another report in October.