India CCTV Market Trends & 2016 Forecasts

The security systems sector in India can broadly be divided into four main categories: Access Control, Detector & Scanners, CCTV and Alarm Systems. The largest amongst these is the CCTV segment, accounting for more than 50% of the entire electronic security equipment market in India . With the high-success rate of CCTV surveillance devices worldwide, security conscious organizations (both government and non-government) in India are implementing CCTV surveillance, reflecting an annual expected growth rate of more than 20%. The growth in the market has been driven by the growing awareness among different end user segments.

The Indian CCTV market is witnessing immense growth from sectors such as city surveillance, hospitality, airport security, BFSI, retail, BPO, manufacturing, college campuses, infrastructure companies and education. The government, in general, is the biggest segment in terms of volume demand. The private sector, enterprises as well as SMBs, shows potential although their demand is dwarfed by that of the government sector.\

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In India, the preference is for analog based surveillance systems currently but recent trends indicate a shift towards digital technology based IP surveillance systems, used increasingly in different verticals such as retail, manufacturing, homeland security, transportation, BFSI and government. The Indian market for surveillance and CCTV is fast changing with new technologies being introduced coupled with the technological advancement being more towards software based solutions than hardware based. The latest technology expected to dominate the surveillance space is the network or IP camera. From the earlier Analog CCTV technology, there has been a technology shift and the introduction of Internet protocol (IP) based (digital), open source and fully integrated systems, with the option for remote surveillance, background screening, video analytics, digital video and sensor-based detection.

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"India CCTV Market Outlook 2016" research report discusses following aspects related to booming CCTV market in India;

·         CCTV Market Overview

·         Factors Driving the Market

·         CCTV Market by Different Sectors

·         CCTV Market Distribution Network

·         Future Opportunity Outlook

·         Market Recommendations

Major points from Table of Contents ( are listed below:

Table of Contents

1. India Electronic Security Equipment Market Overview

2. India CCTV Market Outlook
2.1 Market Overview
2.2 Factors Driving the Market
2.3 Rising Security Needs Awareness Across End User
2.4 KuicK Research Recommendations

3. CCTV Market Demand by Sector
3.1 Government
3.2 Industrial
3.3 Private & Commercial
3.4 Educational
3.5 Residential

4. CCTV Market Distribution Channel Structure
4.1 Channel Structure
4.2 Trends and Practices in Channel Structure
4.3 Direct & Indirect Channel
4.4 Regional & National Distribution
4.5 Distribution Channel Future Scenario

5. CCTV Market Future Opportunity Outlook
5.1 Market Growth Trend
5.2 Customization & End User Segments
5.3 Emergence of IP Surveillance
5.4 Transition to Cloud Based Surveillance System (VSaaS)
5.5 Challenges to be Resolved

6. Competitive Landscape
6.1 Zicom
6.2 Vicon
6.3 Honeywell
6.4 Axis Communication
6.5 Micro Technologies
6.6 Bosch Security Systems

List of Figures