Everything else in a project isn't your job

Writing code is awesome. But I hate when we get side tracked from our code into other projects that we use as dependencies. LastHack is a project to change that. Coding in someone else's work is what we're writing lasthack to do, and that's what we've already been doing. LastHack does several things (using several other people's code, and of course some of our own):


  • Search for a project that accomplishes the side task you were looking for
  • Check the project's license and development status
  • find the support emails... all of them
  • manage your own support email (via someone else's work)
  • search through the forums (so you don't have to as much)


  • Clone the project via github
  • tell how to install it (and write the scripts to do it)
  • look for any APIs and documentation
  • start your project folders for you
  • show an abstract of the project's components

Code editor:

  • Using cloud9 (we'll look at stealing more code)
  • make changes to multiple files before commits
  • preview code functionality/sanity live


  • Unit tests for those other guys, found and running
  • monkey wrench code
  • almost can write a unit test for the code you through at it
  • deployment (kinda)
  • status API integration (sorta)

At least that's the plan. more than anything, it's a project to make this all seem like second nature. no more googling, tarballs, weird dependancies, and obscure bugs. if you want to use something, have it at your fingertips instantly!

Well this post could have gone better.