Lyndex-Nikken Updates Taper Plus Catalog

Lyndex Nikken, a trusted provider of static and live tooling products, updates their Taper Plus catalog. Clients looking for tool holder systems and other related products may browse the company’s updated catalog for more options.

[MUNDELEIN, ILLINOIS, June 19, 2014] – Lyndex-Nikken, one of the most trusted providers of static and live tooling products, updates their Taper Plus catalog. Customers and companies looking for high-quality and affordable tool holder systems and other related products may browse the company’s updated product lists for more options.

Lyndex-Nikken is one of the most reliable providers of high-quality industrial tool products. Aside from their range of rotary tables and static and live tools, the company also offers a range of durable tool holders, collets, and accessories suitable for a range of manufacturing works and industries. They have expanded this with a recent update on their Taper Plus catalog.

Updated Taper Plus Line

The company recently updated their Taper Plus catalog, which features new additions, such as the new Taper Plus dual face contact tool holder system. They offer a number of different style tool holders under the Taper Plus line, including high-torque ER collet chucks, end mill holders, and high-precision advanced tool holders, all offered at affordable prices.

A key feature of the company’s Taper Plus holders is that these are ground to an extremely tight tolerance, making the products very durable even during maximum contact between the machining spindles and the tool holder taper and flange. Lyndex-Nikken guarantees the highest level of taper and flange contact for these products, as these are ground to the same AT2 standard of machine spindles.

Taper Plus tool holders sold by Lyndex-Nikken are interchangeable as it can be used for both standard and dual face contact spindles, which allows for greater flexibility. Flange grinding tolerances have been established to ensure taper and flange contact. These products can also handle high RPM applications where Z-height variation can occur due to the thermal and centrifugal expansion of the spindle.

The company’s products feature additional flange contact, which allows up to 53.3% more surface are contact compared to a standard taper. This added surface contact gives machines additional static stiffness and dampening characteristics, making it suitable for aggressive roughing, high feed machining, and finishing.

Customers looking for added precision and rigidity for their dual face contact tool holders are encouraged to take advantage of this offer by getting in touch with Lyndex-Nikken now.


About Lyndex-Nikken

Lyndex-Nikken is a leading manufacturer and provider of high performance machine tool accessories. They are recognized around the world for the amazing precision and reliability of their products. Their industry-leading design, technologies, and capabilities allow them to create ground-breaking tools and to engineer solutions that improve clients’ machining centers and maximize their productivity.

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