Freedom Bridge From BaldHeadNetwork - Don't Be Left Out!

BaldHeadNetwork may have stumbled onto a significant find. Currently many of the big marketing gurus are trying to turn regular people into overnight experts.

Jam packed in seminar rooms these hopeful 'experts' listen to online gurus (selling expensive marketing tools) attempting to turn them into on-stage speakers. The goal is that they can leave jobs and become public speaking sensations.

But leaving a job takes a big financial committment. Many of these seminar attendees leave and put the training materials on a shelf only to collect dust.

Yet, the cost of the materials is not the only obstacle these would-be experts must face.

Another big barrier to this approach is that many people don't want to be out in public. They get nauseous at the very thought of it.

Of course people have other good reasons for avoiding the limelight:

- Many prefer their privacy

- Becoming an expert is expensive

- Some people have a health or physical issue

- The camera may not "like" them

- English may be their second language

- Fear of what others might think or say

- Perhaps they’re afraid of public failure

- Not wanting to jeopardize a professional career

- Not wanting their employer to discover their activity

According to Bard Williams there is another route.

Freedom Bridge (from BaldHeadNetwork) teaches regular folks how to create Digital Wealth Platforms (DWPs). This is done, totally anonymously, in the privacy of their homes.

Much more interactive than a regular website these DWPs can be launched to perform (make money) in a variety of lucrative niches.

"The advantage of this approach," says Bard Williams, founder of BHN, "is that the creators are free to explore whatever niches they want - without being limited by just one brand."

Freedom Bridge is scheduled to launch soon. It promises to show shy, and busy, would be online entrepreneurs how to turn cyberspace into gold.

They have tech toys and fun gadgets available during the launch.

Details can be found at the link below: