10 Hot Holiday Hairstyles for 2014

Want to wear a fresh, impressive “do” for every event on your holiday calendar? Parties and festivals and feasts are just around the corner. Change things up with these ten contemporary coiffures for a novel appearance throughout the season.

1. Wavy Waterfall

This simple, yet stylish look is easy to create. First, wash your locks and apply quality hair conditioner. Then use a large, round brush to form curls as you dry. If your hair isn't holding enough curl for your taste, roll in a few large, hot curlers for a few minutes. Part your hair down the center and finish with just enough hairspray to hold your wavy waterfall in place.

2. Perfectly Poufy Bangs

Up the ante of your wavy waterfall using this simple trick. After styling, gather your bangs and pull them straight back—but not too tightly—and secure them with pins or a decorative hair clasp at the back of your crown.

3. Braids, Braids, and More Braids

Braids have dominated runway looks ever since The Hunger Games film arrived on the big screen. Choose among a wide variety of options, including French, milkmaid, fishtail, lace, rope, and more.

4. Braids with a Waterfall

Can't decide whether to let your hair flow loosely or twist it into an elaborate braid? Enjoy the best of both worlds. Braid the top of your hair and allow the bottom to flow gracefully around your shoulders.

5. Sexy Side Mussy      

A mussy is a messy bun, and side buns with a little frazzle are all the rage this season. Don't wash your hair the day you plan to wear this style, because clean hair slips out too easily. Apply hair volumizer and backcomb your hair. Tie it into a side ponytail, and backcomb the ponytail again for increased volume. Twist it into a bun, and you're done!

6. Dramatic Deep Side Part

Side parts have given way to deep, dramatic side parts of late. Style your hair as you would for a loose waterfall of curls, and then part it deep on the side of your head. Pin your hair in place and spray it down a few times to make sure you don’t get any strays.  

7. Fake Bob

Bobs are in vogue at the moment, but some fashionistas are reluctant to chop their locks to achieve the short, slick look. Fake a bob by folding up your hair and pinning it to the nape of your neck. You might need a friend's help to get it nice and straight, but now you can sport that popular bob and keep your tresses at the same time.

8. All Hail the Hats

We can thank Princess Kate for ushering glamorous hats back on the style scene. This season, the more adornments the better, so choose a hat with liberal amounts of ribbons, netting, feathers, and embellishments. Create a stunning ensemble by complementing your new hat with a side mussy or a wavy waterfall and a perfectly matched outfit.

9. Reinventing the High Pony

The high ponytail has languished for decades as the sporty mane of tennis players and gymnasts. But it recently evolved into a sleek, glamorous new style. Use a hair straightener to smooth your hair into a clean, perfectly symmetrical ponytail. If you prefer to cover the hair band, wrap a strand of hair around it and pin it in place. Regular use of an effective hair strengthener helps prevent hair damage so that the high pony looks immaculate.

10. The Simple Yet Elegant Topknot

A topknot is the side mussy’s cousin—similar in appearance, but tidier in nature. Pull your hair up into a neat ponytail with a few untidy wisps, and wrap it into a bun. This quick-and-easy style is ideal for a speedy dress-up between work and dinner plans.

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