The installation of the oil film bearing pressure dispersion

  By setting different parameters of load model, the cone suit disassembly process are simulated, and the taper sleeve is obtained in the process of installation under the condition of different bulging pressure and axial thrust the changing law of stress and strain, and find out the fundamental cause of the taper sleeve damage. From cone sets and the variation regularity of stress and strain in the process of work, the taper sleeve can be analyzed under different conditions whether abrasion and wear of the causes and degree. At the same time, the use of two of the oil film bearing in rolling mill were produced in the prototype, the relevant test in the laboratory. The test results show that the theoretical analysis result is correct, and find the root cause of the oil film bearing damage, thus greatly ease the oil film bearing damage. Boundary element model of taper sleeve and roll neck and boundary conditions of car L oil film bearings taper sleeve and roll assembly of its main parameters.

  Taper sleeve for the variable thickness of cylindrical shell, its length is 75 innl, taper sleeve inner surface and the surface of the roll neck for 1:30 taper. The taper sleeve to work location and roll neck interference quantity clients. Taper sleeve inside the cavity of the spiral groove to ensure the FAG Roller Bearings in bulging when high pressure oil installation in the cavity surface part of storage, at the same time guarantee the high pressure oil pressure can be delivered within the taper sleeve quickly to make the taper sleeve uniform deformation. There are circular groove on both ends of the taper sleeve, used to install the sealing, ensure the taper sleeve axial ends when the installation of high pressure oil seal.

  Taper sleeve assembly load processing method when the high pressure oil through groove formed on the inner surface of the taper sleeve oil expansion chamber, taper sleeve wall distribution under pressure pl, bilge type oil pressure distribution is related to the width of the chamber, and the oil film bearing taper sleeve and roll assembly drawing of the taper sleeve assembly adopts hydraulic bulging way, so the taper sleeve and roll neck assembly is a complex three-dimensional elastoplastic contact deformation process. With the increase of amount of interference and hydraulic roll size and distribution of lateral contact with the roll neck width increasing as the amount of interference, because of the taper sleeve for the variable thickness of cylindrical shell, therefore the taper sleeve and roll collar under different oil pressure distribution of the elastic binding force is not constant, and taper sleeve and roll neck width of contact area b.

  According to the greater than surplus quantity under the elastic binding force distribution of the taper sleeve and roll neck, reach a bulging hydraulic chamber width zha's relationship with bulging hydraulic eight. In a closed cavity indoor, bulging pressure remain constant. But in the boundary element analysis, the oil film bearing cone interference assembly process of the pressure distribution and damage distribution of axial thrust load for households, combined with production practice, USES the taper sleeve axial thrust force point offset, and ensure the force center with roll axis method to simulate the partial load boundary conditions.

  The mechanical behavior under partial load refers to the taper sleeve in advance, due to the uneven thrust imposed by the outer end changes of the contact stress on the inner surface. Under partial load analysis is still according to original steps, the following specific to determine the distribution of contact stress under partial load. Shows the partial residual load model, the load model is applied to half taper sleeve outer end face external load, the forward, and will be fixed at the end of the roll neck. The contact stress of two transverse weeks respectively to the node number and axial node number. As can be seen: taper sleeve under partial load when loading the end load area contact under great pressure, pressure on the surface of the taper sleeve inside antisymmetric conditions, this is mainly due to the taper sleeve in partial load they formed in its surface caused by a couple. According to the yield limit theorem shows that the two areas of contact stress is more than the material yield limit, therefore must develop blemishes.

According to the three dimensional nonlinear boundary element numerical analysis can draw the following conclusions. In the process of assembly, taper sleeve and roll collar deformation and contact pressure distribution is a dynamic field non-uniform distribution. Elastic-plastic combination interference quantity size, shell thickness change and the border effect has a great influence on the distribution of high stress area, show that abnormal behavior of the high pressure zone on both ends of the taper sleeve is the area of axial and mechanics. Under the condition of hydraulic bulging propulsion, near the ends of the taper sleeve and seal groove high pressure peak, the peak pressure is the biggest hidden trouble of the taper sleeve scratches. Under partial load advance, because the interface is not smooth transition and partial load, the surface under the action of couple, in the local region and near seal groove end of peak pressure, the ultra-high pressure caused the taper sleeve greatly increase the risk of scratches.