The excellent properties of the aluminum substance could be the main reason for the widely applying of the aluminum extrusions

China - Currently, the high strength aluminum extrusions from China Shengpeng Aluminum Limited have already been widely used in the manufacturing of high tech planes, ships, trucks and other sort of high tech industries. In general, the high strength aluminum profiles and other products could highly increase their carrying capacity and improve the speed of the transporting equipments. Furthermore, the high quality aluminum extrusions could have good resistance for sea erosion and avoid the surrounding magnetic fields. However, all of these advantages of aluminum extrusions could be mainly on the basis of the high quality of the metal aluminum.

From the commonly knowledge, the metal substance aluminum is widely distributed in the earth. The volume of this metal material is only less than the volume of the substances such as oxygen and silicon, which is the most abundant metal substance among all metal substance in the earth. The density of the purely aluminum is 2.7 g/cm3, with good thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity which is only after metal material such as Au, Ag and Cu. Furthermore, the aluminium planks have high plasticity which can be used for all kinds of mechanical processing. The aluminum has actively chemically active which could rapidly oxidized in air and form a dense and solid oxidized film which has good corrosion resistance. However, the intensity of the pure aluminum is very soft and only the alloying aluminum could be used as the structural parts in industry areas.

The prominent feature of the aluminum should be the low density and high strength. If the aluminum was added into Mn and Mg, the aluminum alloy will obtain good corrosion resistance, good ductility and high strength. This kind of aluminum alloy could be the best materials for the aluminum extrusions. The strength of hard aluminum alloy is higher than anti-rusty aluminum alloy but the corrosion performance has greatly declined. These hard aluminum alloys include the Al-Cu-Mg series and the Al-Cu-Mg-Zn series. The newly developed high-strength aluminum profiles from have further improved the strength and the density is reduced by 15 percent than ordinary hard aluminum extrusion and can be used as a motorcycle frame, wheels and other components. Al-Li alloys can be made to the high strength aircraft parts and advanced sports equipment.

According to the above description for the high performance of the aluminum alloy products, people should know about why the aluminum extrusions and other products could be mainly and commonly used in the industry of today. If you are interested about the related information about these aluminum products, please visit website pool enclosures

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