Pivot® Life Insurance Marketplace Unveils New, Consumer-Driven Website

The life insurance marketplace, much like health insurance, has become an open exchange. Consumers are actively researching options and looking to companies that are willing to provide solutions that are individually customized and unique to meet specific needs. Pivot has answered this call with a new website that offers information and direct access to life insurance options and knowledgeable professionals.

“Life insurance should be viewed as an ever-changing part of your life. Each big change in your life affects your life insurance coverage. At Pivot, we call these changes Life’s Pivotal Moments,” said Brian Carroll, CLU; President and CEO of Pivot.

Carroll is a licensed insurance agent and has been in the life insurance business for 30 years, working in many aspects of customer care. His experience led him to the conclusion that insurance options should be presented more socially, truly connecting the when and why life insurance may be needed. This casual, consumer friendly approach gives Pivot clients the opportunity to learn about insurance, think through their situation and talk to a PivotCare Team professional about options to meet their needs.

The new Pivot life insurance website,, offers an “insurance made simple” concept. The site is consumer friendly and provides a variety of information written by the Pivot staff. These pieces about Life's Pivotal Moments, including starting a family, marriage, graduation, promotion and retirement, among others, allow clients to better approach their options and needs. The PivotCare Team is available by phone, social media or email, and clients are encouraged to start a discussion about their life insurance coverage needs, not just purchase a policy.

“Life insurance gives people security and peace of mind about the future, allowing them to move forward enjoying life with fewer worries and concerns,” added Carroll.

The Pivot life insurance website,, provides a wealth of information for those interested in a life insurance policy. A needs assessment calculator and cost estimator are also available on the site along with a life insurance quote tool and immediate access to a PivotCare Team Professional.