Family Lawyers Loudoun Virginia Ready for More Child Pornography Cases

By: Judy Smith

Leesburg – May 01, 2014. The indictment of a Loudoun teacher for 50 counts of child pornography last February is not the end of the battle against such crime, according to a child pornography lawyer Loudoun Virginia. The indictment serves as a victory for family lawyers Loudoun Virginia who are credited for bringing such cases to light. However, many a Loudoun Virginia child pornography lawyer would say that there are more cases left untouched and yet to be publicized for various reasons.


2014 bears witness to significant developments in child pornography laws in the country, and any Loudoun Virginia child pornography lawyer would now know that victims of such crime could now claim damages for relevant online images, with one landmark case seeing the awarding of $3.4 million to a child porn victim by the US Supreme Court.


Despite such developments, many a Loudoun Virginia criminal law attorney would have relevant criticisms regarding the related provisions which could do more harm to the victim. A criminal law attorney Loudoun Virginia would say that ambiguity in interpretation could result from such vague provisions. Child pornography has been in the spotlight again recently after a Loudoun Virginia criminal law attorney successfully put an offender behind bars.


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