Nu Studio Stresses the Value of White Hat SEO Techniques

While many online marketing companies continue to profit from techniques that offer quick but risky results, Nu Studio, a trusted SEO company in Perth, employs white hat SEO techniques to provide clients with better online visibility.

[PERTH, JUNE 23, 2014] – As many marketing companies using deceptive search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques emerge, Nu Studio, one of the most trusted names in the business, employs white hat SEO strategies that conform to search engines’ strict guidelines. Business owners can enjoy better and longer online visibility through white hat SEO techniques, which is an ethical way of improving their search engine ranking.

Google-recommended techniques

According to Google’s Quality Guidelines, SEO specialists, as well as site owners, should avoid cloaking, spammy and scraped content, hidden text or links, doorway pages, abusing rich snippet mark up, sneaky redirects, and sending automated queries to Google. While the search engine giant has come a long way to stamp out deceptive SEO companies that still do these unethical practices, some still exist. Unfortunately for site owners who have been victims of these bad practices, Google may penalise their site and remove it from its index—as a result, the website will not show up on the results anymore.

Nu Studio employs ethical SEO that Google accepts and recognises. For the past fifteen years, they have been following the guidelines, focusing on long-term solutions rather than ones with fast, but risky results.

Quality Content for Website Visitors

According to Nu Studio, white hat SEO involves creating quality content that does not attempt to deceive website visitors. They have been creating quality content that have generated positive results for thousands of companies. Their main goal is to make the website accessible to visitors, and with unethical practices, they may not be able to achieve that goal.

Their content also intends to provide information and entertainment to visitors. They monitor the website for hacking, and remove user-generated spam in order to conform to Google’s guidelines.

About Nu Studio

Nu Studio, one of the leading SEO, online marketing, and training companies in Perth, has been in the industry for more than a decade. They have been helping clients drive sales through their websites using white hat SEO techniques. With a passion for business and success, they have built hundreds of websites that have made clients feel good about their trade—this has made Nu Studio one of the most trustworthy search engine marketing companies in the country.

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